A state legislator from Clinton County has urged professional sports teams in Pennsylvania to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards domestic abuse or domestic violence cases. The legislator is one Mr. Michael Hanna and he is expected to introduce the bill in the following few weeks.

Punishing athletes

As reported in Philadelphia magazine, the move was sparked by rising domestic violence cases in the recent past which has been concerning especially given that the athletes in question are looked up to by kids as role models.

Hanna addressed Pennsylvania house members earlier this week in a memorandum which requested their support in the matter by asking all of them to stand by the bill. The memorandum stated that the proposed legislation would send a stern warning to athletes that they need to abide by some morals irrespective of whether they are on their athletic fields or not.

The Ray Rice incident

A similar kind of legislation was initially proposed last year by concerned female US senators after a video surfaced on the Internet and then all over the media which showed disturbing recordings of Ray Rice punching Janay Rice after she was verbally attacking Rice and had him trapped in an elevator. Ray Rice played as the running back for the Ravens and his abused victim Janay Rice is now married to Ray.


The disturbing video was recorded by a security camera in an elevator, it shows Janay Rice being clearly hostile towards Ray who then progresses to punch her in the face thereby knocking her out cold and then dragging her unresponsive body out of the elevator. The Ravens removed Ray Rice from their squad due to his shocking behavior.

Unlike Hanna’s bill, the female senators had targeted the bill towards the National Football League. On the other hand, Hanna’s bill has to do with any type of professional sports team.

Overbrook golf course accused of sexual harassment

The Overbrook golf course is a rather prestigious establishment which boasts a huge swimming pool, a luxurious Georgian style dining hall, and of course a magnificent golf course for its financially fortunate members. Recently though, as per a Philadelphia magazine report, the golf course has come under the scanner for the wrong reasons.

A former female African-American employee named Tayna Cole has filed a harassment and discrimination lawsuit against Overbrook Golf Course and one of its staff members named Greg Ferreri through her sexual harassment attorney who could have been found on the wonderful site of USAttorneys.com. This site has led to many people finding a winning attorney for them.

The lawsuit alleges that Cole, who is an active resident of Delaware County, suffered sexual harassment and discrimination throughout her stint at Overbrook Golf Course as a part-time chef from 2007 to 2012. Her sexual harassment attorney has particularly accused Ferreri of unwanted touching and lewd comments. Allegedly, he once attempted to rape the plaintiff at her residence by taking her up to her bedroom and then lying down on top of her body and telling her to be quiet and just let it happen.

Overbrook Golf Course has denied all allegations and has remarked that Cole was a very difficult employee to deal with and she had once even swung her arm to hit Ferreri and would also curse loudly while in the kitchen. It has termed her allegations as distasteful lies.