New York, NY– Now that Isiah Thomas is slated to become part owner and president of the WNBA’s New York Liberty, past accusations of sexual harassment against have bubbled to the surface and some groups are taking steps to keep him from taking over a leadership role of the women’s team.

The New York Daily News reports that during a press conference in which Thomas expected to talk about the team, his past came back to haunt him.

He dodged questions about the sexual harassment by stating that his mother was a feminist, who has road named after her in Chicago. That however was not the answer reporters were looking for and the questions about his past persisted.

The sexual harassment accusations against Thomas stem back to 2007 when he worked as an executive for the WNBA. While he had the position, he was accused of sexually harassing executive Anucha Browne Sanders. After complaining, Sanders was also terminated which she alleged was retaliation and was later awarded $11.5 million for wrongful termination, according to CBS Sports. Thomas was not required to admit liability.

At the time, Sanders alleged that Thomas subjected her to unwanted sexual comments and professed his love for her.

At the press conference, Thomas said he talked to Liberty players about the sexual harassment case when the deal was announced.

The Women’s Sports Foundation started a petition on to have Thomas let go from his post which has not been approved yet.

In a letter to the NBA, which CBS reported on, the Women’s Sports Foundation wrote, “When Donald Sterling was found making disparaging racial, he was banned from the NBA for the rest of his life. The same rules must apply to sexual misconduct and the WNBA.”

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