New York, NY– The majority of sexual harassment complaints involve a man harassing a woman, but two male teachers in Valley Stream allege they are being subjected harassment from a female coworker.

Two male teachers at Valley Stream high allege that a 51-year-old female teacher subjected them to unwanted sexually-charged comments, back rubs and invitations to shower at her home.

One of the men said Cecilia Sanossian, a married woman with two children, told him “she gives the best head,” and said that she likes to have sex more than her husband. The woman’s accusers said that she would give them back rubs without their permission and offered to let them take showers at her home.

The men said that she calls some men FILFS, “Fathers I’d like to F*ck,” according to the Daily Mail. The men told the New York Post that their “sex-starved” coworker “won’t leave us alone.”

Two teachers, Al Daddino, 38, of Garden City, and John Brennan, 42, of Brooklyn plan on filing formal complaints with the state Division of Human Rights, according to the New York Post. Apparently 10 men have signed the letter that details the Sanossian’s actions.

In that letter, the men said that not all members of the school’s social studies department have encountered the harassment, but said they have witnessed it.

A recent study from the journal Work, Employment and Society, found that women make up the majority of sexual harassment victims. Women are the victims in about 78 percent of sexual harassment complaints, but the number of men who are being sexually harassed by male and female coworkers has been rising slowly. According to the, sexual harassment complaints filed by rose from 5.7 men to 11 percent in 2013.

Sexual harassment affects people in ways they can’t imagine unless they have been a victim. One of the men accusing Sanossian said the harassment made him feel “powerless.” He said that because of his treatment, he now understands how victims of sexual harassment feel.

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