New York, NY- A male employee of New York’s public transit system recently filed a lawsuit in which he accuses his male boss of making repeated sexual advances and firing him for rebuffing those advances.

In a detailed suit filed in a Manhattan court, Hector Prowse, a former executive for NYC Transit, alleges that his boss subjected him to unwanted sexual advances, once masturbated in front of him and bragged about his large member, the New York Daily News reported.

Prowse’s lawsuit alleges , NYC Transit Manager Frederick Lynch, began sexually harassing him soon after he landed the position. It all began one day when Lynch invited Prowse into his office to discuss a transit project, but the conversation quickly steered away from business onto the subject of Lynch’s penis.

According to the suit, during the meeting which occurred on Prowse’s third day, Lynch unzipped his pants and began to stroke his penis until it was erect.

Over the next eleven months, and despite repeated protests on Prowse’s behalf, Lynch repeatedly engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior. According the Daily News, Lynch invited Prowse on all-expenses paid vacations, would touch Prowse’s buttocks, shook his buttocks in Prowse’s face and forced Prowse to grab his crotch.

Prowse says in his lawsuit that he told Lynch on numerous occasions to stop the harassment but things came to head one day when Lynch approached him at his desk and began to massage his shoulders. Prowse lost his temper and began yelling at Lynch, who asked, “So you don’t like it?”

Prowse again told Lynch not to touch him and asked, “When are you going to get it?”

This outburst wasn’t enough to stop Lynch who again called Prowse into his office where he grabbed Prowse’s hand and forced him to touch his erect penis, which Lynch claimed “was like the Everest Mountains,” according to the Daily News.

Prowse, who was eventually fired, said in his suit that he endured the harassment for eleven months because he needed the job to support his two children.

This is a situation sexual harassment attorneys encounter on a regular basis. A client is regular harassed by a coworker or boss; they tell their harasser they don’t like the treatment and to stop, but they don’t. The harassed person may find themselves telling their harasser repeatedly to stop the abusive behavior to no avail.

In many cases, an employee will endure months and years of sexual harassment because they feel like they have no choice. They need their jobs after all and even though it is illegal they risk being retaliated against for speaking out. A person who reports sexual harassment may be denied promotions and raises, have days off requests denied and even be fired. Some sexual harassment victims also face backlash from their coworkers when they file a sexual harassment complaint.

When a person has done everything they can to put an end to their abuse but has failed they can turn to a sexual harassment lawyer to file a civil lawsuit on their behalf.