Nicole Slama, a former employee of the Manhattan nightclub Quo, has successfully sued her perverted employer and nightclub owner Gary Malhotra for sexual harassment.

Intolerable behavior

In an incident that occurred on Dec. 6th, 2007, Malhotra reportedly held Slama against her will in a storage closet and stood with his body against the door to make sure she didn’t escape. He then pulled out a baggie of cocaine and offered her some.

When she declined his offer he proceeded to ask her if he could snort the substance off the waitresses’ body and then really crossed the line when he groped her even as the poor woman tried to fight him off. Slama claims things escalated and eventually he snorted some cocaine off her shoulder and licked her neck. Slama was finally able to sneak out when Malhotra left to get himself a cigarette.

Night club owner delays justice by years but is finally faced with the consequences

Malhotra, a married lawyer, was arrested by the police when Slama reported the grotesque incident. The hedonistic night club owner was convicted of sex abuse, harassment, and forcible touching but was able to slither away with a weak sentence of only five days of community service.

Slama filed a $3.5 million suit against Malhotra in 2010. Malhotra kept evading it by claiming he was going to appeal the conviction but he never did and hence was able to delay justice for years. However, Slama and her sexual harassment attorneys remained adamant in their pursuit of justice and their determination finally paid off when Slama was awarded $1 million after she won a default judgment. $1 million after one bad night? That is a fantastic deal.

Slama, who is now a restaurant manager in a Manhattan hotel, exclaimed relief in a statement where she said she felt content knowing that Malhotra was held responsible for his actions and also that she felt accomplished knowing that she had stood up for herself and for all sexual harassment victims alike.

Gary Malhotra is the founder of a boutique law firm, Malhotra & Associates that represented hedge fund clients and has also been the CEO of several businesses. He is a graduate of NYU Stern and Hofstra University Law. Interestingly in 2010, Malhotra filed a libel suit against interior designer Steve Lewis and his employer Blackbook.

Wentzville Police Chief accuses the mayor and other city employees of sexual harassment

Lisa Harrison, who until very recently was the Police Chief of Wentzville, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against several officials and city employees and has resigned from her job. Harrison filed a lengthy 57-page complaint through her sexual harassment attorney, accusing numerous employees of the city of sexual harassment.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit there existed a gender-based campaign to intentionally discredit her reputation within the organization. City officials haven’t yet released the details or the terms of the settlement, they said it would be available only after the final disposition of the matter.

The sexual harassment lawsuit claims that the police officers involved in the case had used the criminal justice database to run license plates of an SUV parked outside her residence which belonged to a person she was dating, it alleges that this is a crime but it was never prosecuted. A police chief is being intimidated? How did she become the police chief?