New York, NY– In mid-October, two dedicated reporters blew the lid off a massive sexual harassment and misconduct scandal that involved producer Harvey Weinstein. Since the Weinstein story broke, women subjected to sexual harassment by prominent men in Hollywood and the media have come forward in droves, and some men in new media are among a growing list of prominent men accused of sexual misconduct.

Two Women Accuse NPR Editor Michael Oreskes of Sexual Harassment

Last week, Oreskes, a senior editor for NPR, resigned after two women came forward with allegations that he sexually harassed them when worked for the New York Times in the 90s.

The women spoke to the Washington Post and recounted their interactions with Oreskes when they interviewed for a job at the Times’s Washington D.C. bureau. The women, who asked for anonymity, were both journalists when they met with Oreskes. The stories the women recalled were very similar and left a lasting impression. Each said while discussing employment, the then-bureau chief abruptly kissed them and stuck his tongue in their mouths, the paper reports.

Oreskes even tried to contact one of the women by placing an ad in a local newspaper and sending her a follow-up email. In the email, he asked her to have lunch with him at a hotel and suggested they could get room service.

When the allegations surfaced, NPR released a statement in which they said they would take the charges seriously and vowed to investigate the matter. Oreskes was placed on temporary leave, but he resigned several days later.

Allegations Against Other Men in the Media

Oreskes is not the only member of the media accused of sexual harassment in recent weeks. Women have come forward with accusations against Leon Wieseltier former editor for the New Republic, and political pundit Mark Halpern.

Hostile Work Environment Complaints

Workers in any industry have rights under federal and New York law, which are:

  1. The right to work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment.
  2. The right to report incidents without worrying about retaliation
  3. The right to seek economic damages if an employer ignored an employee’s complaint

Employers have a responsibility to make sure their workplace is free of harassment and other hostile behaviors. Discriminatory practices and unwanted sexual attention should not be tolerated, and employers must address any reported incidents. The law requires employers to act and stop any inappropriate behavior and end the toxic environment in the workplace.

I Was Sexually Harassed, Should I Talk to a Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

If you experienced harassment or discrimination in your New York workplace, you might be eligible for compensation. There are steps you must take to have a strong case, including:

Report any incidents you experience or witness to your company’s human resources department or your direct supervisor.

File a complaint with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Set up a case evaluation with a sexual harassment attorney in New York is your resource for knowledgeable attorneys who specialize in employment law. You can locate a sexual harassment lawyer in New York by using our interactive map.