New York, NY- Former New York Assemblyman Micah Kellner has lost his second appeal to avoid sanctions related to allegations that he sexually harassed one of his employees.

Kellner whose 2014 bid for the Assembly was derailed when two of his former staffers accused him of sexually inappropriate behavior. The Assembly ethics committee received two sexual harassment complaints and forbade him from hiring interns. Additionally, former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who is no stranger to controversy, also ordered Kellner’s office be closed.

Kellner was then sanctioned for a second time. He attempted to appeal the second round of sanctions, alleging he was no given enough time to defend himself, Capital New York reports. This latest court ruling puts to the rest Kellner’s objections to sanctions and ends anymore challenges.

The allegations emerged in 2013, while Kellner was running for a seat in the New York Assembly. Two former male staffers accused him of sexual harassment with one of the men accusing the young politician of making unwanted sexual advances. One of the men confronted Kellner, but later said he was alienated and later quit, according to the New York Daily News.

Kellner denied sexually harassing the two men, but admitted to the racy online exchanges with a female, aide, though he didn’t think those exchanges qualified as sexual harassment.

Kellner is no longer with the Assembly.

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