Odessa, TX – There are a number of different remedies under Texas and federal law for a worker who has been subject to harassment or gender discrimination. However, it is important for any victim to realize that they will need to retain a lawyer and win their case before they can experience the benefits of these legal remedies. A lawyer who deals with labor law and issues related to harassment can provide more information during an initial meeting. 

Problems caused by a legitimate case of harassment

A worker may no longer be able to keep their position, or they may have been illegitimately terminated due to serious harassment and a hostile work environment. The victim can even require psychological treatment in severe cases. If the plaintiff can demonstrate all elements of a discrimination or harassment action, the jury is instructed to find in their favor and award relevant damages. 

Ways that the employer will have to pay for the victim’s losses

Courts tend to treat a winning plaintiff in various forms of discrimination and harassment cases similarly. They will likely receive some kind of compensation at the employer’s expense, which is meant to deter them from engaging in harassment or gender discrimination in the future. 

Financial remedies can come in many forms. If the worker’s ability to work was affected or they lost their job, the wages that they would have earned from continued employment may be one of the remedies. Some victims may require counseling or therapy if the issues at work affected their mental health. The costs of these forms of psychological treatment may be factored into damages.

Most financial remedies in civil cases seek to put the victim in the place they would have occupied if the defendant’s conduct never happened. In an employment context, this usually includes things like bonuses and benefits that they would have received, plus their normal salary. If the employer is ordered to give the victim their job back, they may have to pay their salary for the time period while they were unemployed and the legal proceedings took place. 

Certain types of civil cases will award the winning party attorney’s fees and court costs. This is also true in employment matters, as the defendant will have to essentially pay for all of the plaintiff’s legal fees. 

Getting information about harassment lawsuits from a licensed attorney

Advice from a legal professional who deals with labor and employment law is the best way for someone who thinks that they may be a victim of harassment to proceed. Moore and Associates is an experienced firm who helps people in the Odessa area with these kinds of issues. 

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