One-Time Offenses vs. Prolonged Sexual Abuse

One-Time Offenses vs. Prolonged Sexual Abuse

Sexual harassment can come in many forms. Incidents can be as meaningless as a random lewd joke overheard at work to as severe as rape. While the incidents themselves may vary in severity and frequency, sexual harassment is against the law, no matter how minimal the incident was.

Victims of unwanted sexual conduct may have only been subjected to a one-time act of misconduct. This one act may have been something mild, like a joke, or something severe, like unwanted touching or assault. There are also victims that are forced to endure a series of milder transgressions on a daily basis. These harassment incidents can start off benign but gradually become a source of hostility for the victim, rendering them incapable of performing their regular activities or duties and transforming the workplace into an environment of fear.

Regardless of whether sexual harassment occurs several times or just once, it is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Anyone who has been subjected to an unwanted sexual advance, request, verbal, or physical attack has the right to take legal action against the perpetrator to ensure the actions cease immediately. If you or someone you know has been suffering at the hands of a sexual offender, turn to a sexual harassment lawyer immediately for assistance.

Sexual harassment attorneys make sure the offender is held liable for their actions and that victims obtain compensation for their pain and suffering. Contact a sexual harassment lawyer today.