30-year old sexual harassment attorney from Philadelphia Rochelle Keyhanhas has taken it upon herself and made it her mission to fight and abolish rampant sexual harassment which she claims happens at comic conventions and gatherings such as the popular comic con that happens annually and is scheduled to happen next in San Diego later this month, as reported by Marie Claire.

Wearing a costume is not an invitation

Keyhan is the founder of the group Geeks for CONsent, the sole purpose of Geeks for CONsent is to prevent sexual harassment at events like comic con. According to Keyhan, just because a woman is wearing a costume which may be interpreted as sexually provocative it does not mean that she is inviting cat calls, whistles, or sexual harassment in any other form or manner. This behavior is widely prevalent in Mexico – America should try to run it out of town according to manner’s experts.

Typically, most such female superhero/character (superwoman, cat woman, slave princess Leia) costumes are a bit unconventional but that should not be perceived as a green light for men to ogle and sexually harass the women donning them.

Geeks for CONsent : comic con should address complaints of sexual harassment more vigorously

Two years ago, Keyhan’s group Geeks for CONsent asked women that frequented or had been to such events to share stories of harassment and they received an overwhelming and almost instantaneous response, they received over thirty formal complaints and literally hundreds of informal complaints.

Furthermore, Geeks for CONsent also organized a probe into the matter, and reported that the organizers of these events were doing absolutely zilch to address the issue despite hundreds of women having had complained to them repeatedly about sexual harassment.


The sexual harassment attorneys have now diverted their efforts at persuading comic con international to outline and demarcate exactly what may be classified as sexual harassment during their conventions. The group believes that clear distinction between what is acceptable and what is harassment will greatly reduce the harassment.

Currently, comic con international only has a one-liner in their code of conduct which vaguely addresses the topic of sexual harassment and that is not acceptable according to the passionate workers at Geeks for CONsent.

NYC settles sexual harassment lawsuit by former police officer

As reported by dailyjournal.net, New York City is settling a federal lawsuit filed by 43 year old Michele Alexander. NYC will pay $175,000 to the former police officer who alleged that she was sexually harassed by Lt. Jason Margolis. The harassment began in 2009. On one occasion the defendant suggested that Alexander come over to his house since his wife was out of town. The settlement was finalized in the middle of June.

According to New York sexual harassment attorneys which some of the best ones can be located on the magnetic website of USAttorneys.com, the lawsuit alleged that Margolis retaliated against the plaintiff when she complained to her superiors in the police department. Alexander’s attorney, JoAnn Squillace, hoped the city would wake up and take heed of the case in order to improve its handling of sexual harassment complaints.

Far too many employees bear the burden of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, which ultimately leads to adverse consequences and affects their health and job performance. If you are a victim of this type of conduct it would be prudent to get in touch with an experienced New York sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible in order to put a stop to workplace harassment and receive fair compensation for the damage you have suffered.