A particular county in the state of Oregon has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the inmate’s sexual harassment attorney. The lawsuit alleges that two female prison guards had sex with the inmate, the accused have pleaded guilty of their charges, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The inmate has been identified as 25-year old Jang-Li-Delgado-Galban. Before you start feeling sorry for him, let us just make it clear that he is a registered sex-offender himself. The inmate is serving time for second degree sexual assault and is a gang member.

Both female prison guards plead guilty to having sex with the inmate

The two defendants have been identified as Brett Robinson and Jill Curry who have confessed to repeatedly sexually assaulting Galban in 2014.

The defense for Robinson initially tried to argue that she was delusional about the man, but the judge did not entertain the insanity plea whatsoever. The defense had said that Galban had manipulated and seduced Robinson. According to court documents, the couple struck up a conversation one day and hit it off. Robinson started opening up to Galban and would talk to him on an intercom every time her manager would leave for a break.

Robinson & Curry made some terrible mistakes

Supposedly, Robinson would even meet the inmate and have sex with him whenever her manager was not around. She is accused of having had 13 sexual encounters with the inmate in a closet. The other defendant, Jill Curry pleaded guilty and wept inconsolably in the court room after she was handed a 4-year prison term for the charge of custodial sexual misconduct. She said she felt nothing but sadness and regret.

Robinson had even written a love letter to the inmate which was produced during the trial. The letter referred to the convict as “baby” and went on to describe how Robinson had developed feelings for him and how she could not live without him by her side. However, things started falling apart between the two after Galban was involved in sexually inappropriate behavior elsewhere in the prison. Supposedly, he had misbehaved with a prison nurse and had also forcibly kissed a female inmate.

Galban is in prison for a reason and his out of control actions inside the prison verify why he should remain there and possibly even be put down since who knows how many crimes he really has committed. There are some fantastic local attorneys for people like Galbon on USAttorneys.com. This is a marvelous site for anyone who needs legal help.

Colusa County to pay-off former employee to settle sexual harassment lawsuit

Colusa County is expected to pay a sum of $250,000 to a former worker who has accused the county and other co-workers of sexual harassment in a lawsuit brought forward by his sexual harassment attorney.

As per an Appeal-democrat.com report, the victim has been identified as James Rogers, who alleges that he was subjected to name calling and invasion of privacy by co-workers Donna Dennis and Vicky Quihuis. According to the lawsuit, Dennis was his immediate supervisor at work and Quihuis was Dennis’ mother-in-law and his manager. According to the lawsuit, the two women would say demeaning things about Rogers, question his personal and sexual relationships, question his sexual orientation, and even take items from his workstation without his permission. Rogers was working as a social worker for the County and was fired in 2013.