Orlando, FL – One doctor has recently been charged with sexually harassing his patients at his Lake Mary practice.

The Lake Mary Police Department has confirmed to News 6 WKMG that Doctor William Dalton, age 87, was arrested on sexual harassment charges at his family medicine practice. Authorities say the abuse happened at his office, Family Medicine on Call, at 4106 W. Lake Mary Blvd.

Police initially responded to multiple allegations from different patients stating that Dalton had sexually harassed them. In response, the State Surgeon General ordered his medical license to be suspended, and he was also arrested on sexual battery charges.

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The first police report was filed against Dalton in May 2017 after a victim says that the doctor exposed himself to her. When asked about the allegations, Dalton confirmed that they were indeed true. He further told investigators on the case that while he did not have permission to touch the victim, he “just did it.”

In another incident, one woman alleges that Dalton made her sit on his lap while he touched her inappropriately. She had just gone into his practice to get a prescription refilled.

According to a spokeswoman for the Lake Mary Police department, Rebekah Matviak, authorities are in the early stages of the investigation and she knows there are still other victims out there who have yet to come forward.

Matviak further says, “Are there other victims? Yes, there are other victims.” In regard to how the health department is handling the investigation, she says that is up to them.

The Florida Department of Health shared that Dalton had no previous instances of disciplinary action being taken against him or of any other complaints. He is facing charges of sexual battery on a person 18 years or older, and is currently out on bond.

Sexual harassment can happen to anyone, in a variety of different settings. if you have been sexually harassed by your doctor, this what you should do:

Call the police. 

Only law enforcement are able to handle cases of suspected sexual abuse. It’s not up to medical boards to decide what constitutes sexual harassment and what does not.

Contact the medical director. 

If you were sexually harassed at a medical facility or doctor’s practice, then you need to contact the facility where the harassment happened. Most major hospitals have complaint forms you can fill out.

File a complaint with your state medical board. 

The Florida Department of Health will investigate any complaints and reports in regard to health care providers. Actions which can be taken against health care practitioners include: fines, probation, license suspension, or even license revocation. However, the state department cannot represent you in court to collect damages for your injuries.

Consult with a sexual harassment attorney in Florida. 

Florida law protects those who have been violated because of sexual harassment at their doctor’s office. Anyone who has suffered from someone’s unwanted sexual advances has the right to file a formal complaint with an Orlando sexual harassment lawyer in order to ensure that the offender’s behavior does not continue.

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