A settlement agreement has been reached in a sexual harassment lawsuit that was recently filed by former employees who worked for the company Four Barrel. The company operates a wholesale coffee business as well as three cafes in San Francisco. The lawsuit was filed against CEO Jeremey Tooker and the company itself. According to the lawsuit, eight women alleged sexual harassment and assault occurred in the workplace and also at holidays parties. The documents focused primarily on two company parties that occurred back in 2015 that alleged Tooker engaged in the following acts:

  • Kissed multiple women against their will at these events.
  • Sexually assaulted another woman in a hotel room.
  • Made lewd speeches to the employees.
  • Imitated sex acts on others and forced partygoers to play a game called “kiss or slap” in which the participants either had to kiss or slap Tooker.

[Source: San Francisco Chronicle].

Two other women who were seeking a jury trial unlike some of the others involved claimed they were subjected to working in a “toxic workplace culture that was never appropriately addressed by management.” Tal Moe and Jodi Geren, who partnered with Tooker in the business stated that they were aware of Tooker’s behavior yet nothing was done about it. Perhaps many individuals who are subjected to similar conditions fail to take action when they are sexually harassed simply because they see that the inappropriate behavior is permitted by the people running the company

Court Rules in Favor of Plaintiffs Named in Lawsuit Filed Against Four Barrel

Tooker, who vacated his role back in November, “said he would divest immediately from Four Barrel, relinquishing his shares that represented 50 percent of ownership.” The remaining 50 percent, belonging to Mor and Geren also said they would divest from the company in the near future. Once the remaining two owners step down, the company will eventually turn into a 100 percent employee-owned entity. The name has also been changed from Four Barrel to Tide. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are thrilled with the outcome of the settlement as they believe “the workers have always been the best of that company.”

With all the sexual harassment stories coming to light, it’s important to grasp the message behind each and every one of them. Sexual harassment is not okay and there are consequences for those who engage in unwanted and inappropriate behavior. Sometimes, it might take a dedicated sexual harassment lawyer to recognize someone for their wrongdoing especially if they are a person with power, but the fact is, justice can be served in these cases.

So, if you have experienced sexual harassment in your place of employment, you have the right to take legal action against your employer and even the company if it can be proven that they ignored the complaints you filed in the past. All you need is a skilled San Francisco sexual harassment attorney and you will have all the support you need to initiate a case and obtain an outcome in your favor, just like the individuals did in the case against Four Barrel. To find a local lawyer in your area now, simply call USAttorneys.com today.