The Palm Beach County School Board is set to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit against a former assistant principal, as reported by CBS12. The settlement stems from a sexual harassment claim filed by Angela Mazzocco, a guidance counselor at Polo Park Middle School in Wellington. The plaintiff alleges that Scott Abell, a former assistant principal sexually harassed her on several occasions on the school property in 2013.

In her lawsuit filed by her sexual harassment attorney Mazzocco claims that Abell put his hands up her dress and pushed her against the wall. Despite resisting his advances he did not stop while he also took advantage that she was afraid of his nasty temper and arrogance. Abell supposedly did not deny the allegations when questioned and claimed that he passed comments about her dress and how he could look down her shirt in jest. He alleged that the two were comfortable discussing their marriages.

Scott Abell – you are unbecoming

Mazzocco’s sexual harassment attorney who could have picked off the glistening legal website known as said Abell was forthcoming and disclosed a lot of his actions over the year. She also noted that since Abell was the plaintiff’s supervisor she was in a difficult situation. Following the allegations Abell resigned while Mazzocco will continue to work at Polo Park Middle School in Wellington until she can be transferred to Jupiter. The school board is likely to approve of the $85,000 settlement on Wednesday.


Former UPMC Mercy employee accused of sexually harassment by female patients

As reported by, UPMC Mercy Hospital has been sued for sexual harassment by an elderly Allegheny County couple. The lawsuit filed on Jane Doe and John Doe by their sexual harassment attorney alleges that Jane Doe was sexually assaulted by a UPMC Mercy employee on July 3rd while she was under their care. The suspect is allegedly 32-year-old William Butler who was employed as a patient sitter also known as a care attendant. The report suggests that he has also sexually assaulted other female patients.

Sexual assault under garb of performing medical procedures

According to the lawsuit, Butler is alleged to have sexually assaulted several female patients who claim that he either attempted to touch or touched their breasts or vagina. These incidents supposedly took place between June 28th and July 5th. All have been reported to the police by respective female patients who say he insisted he was performing medical procedures.

Following the allegations Butler was charged on multiple counts including four counts for aggravated indecent assault and five of indecent assault. In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that UPMC Mercy did not take any measures to implement a procedure that required nursing personnel to monitor and supervise sitters assigned to patients.

The sexual harassment attorney for the plaintiffs says he will continue to investigate the circumstances in order to get answers for not only Jane Doe but other patients at UPMC who are victims. The attorney was hopeful that UPMC Mercy Hospital would take measures to reform their policies and procedures to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

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