Officer Dawn Persinger has the distinction of being Pasco’s first female police officer but unfortunately alleges to be a victim of sexual harassment. According to, the officer is likely to file a lawsuit claiming that she was sexually harassed and discriminated against on several occasions, right from the time she joined the force in 1991. She could easily hire a marvelous sexual harassment attorney off the pro bowl type website

Persinger’s sexual harassment attorney said that the harassment had never stopped. The complainant has had to endure being hit on the rear with a baton, being called derogatory names, and participate in unwanted discussions of a sexual nature about such activities in the squad. She claims to have filed several complaints with human resources without success. On one occasion she was demoted from sergeant back to an officer after she filed a complaint.

Persinger and her attorney say they are likely to file a lawsuit despite a meeting scheduled with the city. So far, the Pasco police department has declined to comment. Her sexual harassment attorney said that statistics indicate that the department couldn’t keep women and that there was something wrong with that. She claims her loyalty is the only thing that stopped her from leaving the force although many other female officers chose to leave.

University of Oregon agree to settle sexual harassment lawsuit filed by female student

ESPN has reported that the University of Oregon has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by an 18 year old woman, whose identity in the suit is Jane Doe. In the lawsuit filed by her sexual harassment attorney, the plaintiff alleges that three basketball players sexually assaulted her last year. As part of the $800,000 settlement the plaintiff will dismiss all claims against the university and its head basketball coach, Dana Altman. In addition, the university will waive her tuition, student, and housing fees for four years.


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In her lawsuit filed in a Eugene federal court in January, the woman alleged negligence on the part of the university and claimed that it violated her privacy and civil rights. The settlement also brings with it some changes in the university’s policies. According to the University of Oregon president, Michael H. Schill, the staff, coaches, and administrators were not negligent and that the settlement should not be deemed as an admission of liability.

While he approved of the settlement, Schill hoped that the university would focus on making the campus secure and safe from sexual violence. The university will also make changes to its policies where it will be mandatory for transfer applicants to report any incidences of disciplinary action at previous schools they may have attended.

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Defendant suspended from previous college

The woman specifically claims in her lawsuit that coach Atman was well aware that Brandon Austin, one of the players he recruited, had allegations of sexual harassment made against him at Providence College in Rhode Island. Austin was suspended due to the allegations although he and two other players claim they had consensual sex with the woman concerned.

The players were not charged since the prosecution rested their case citing lack of evidence to file charges. Atman denied that he was aware of the incident. While Austin and his teammates may have been let off, many on the campus and beyond were outraged, which led to all three being booted off the team and suspended from Providence College.