Harassment in its Many Forms and Types

Philadelphia, PA (5-8-15)-Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane is facing criticism after she ignored recommendations that she fire her newly-appointed Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker now that an investigation found he sexually harassed two women.

The Times-Tribune reports that AG Kane received a report from the Office of Professional Responsibility five days before promoting Duecker to Chief of Staff which found that Duecker sexually harassed two employees, including assistant prosecutor Michele Kluk.  That report was accompanied by a recommendation from Human Resources that Duecker be fired, but so far Kane has made no plans to relieve him of his new post in spite the allegations.

Kluk alleges that in February of 2014, Duecker slid his hands under her shirt at a local bar where he and some of his coworkers were gathered. She also alleged he tried to slide his hand under skirt, according to the Scranton Times.

Another woman alleged that when she was working on a case with Dueker at a home used for investigations by the Attorney General’s office, he made unwanted advances towards her. She also alleges that he entered her room while she was sleeping. When asked what he was doing in her room, he said he just wanted to let her know he was leaving.

Sources told the Times-Tribune that AG Kane has no plans to change Duecker’s job status.

Just because Dueker was previously accused of sexual harassment doesn’t mean he will repeat the bad behavior and harass any other coworkers. Some people do learn for their mistakes and can change bad and abusive habits.

But when it comes to sexual harassment, history often repeats itself unless the harasser is identified and appropriately reprimanded. Not punishing an employee for sexual harassment allows a hostile workplace to persist and makes an employer vulnerable to a costly civil suit so employers are encouraged to swift and decisive action. A promotion is not considered appropriate punishment, and could give a harasser the impression that there are no repercussions for their actions that could in turn embolden them.

Sexual harassment shouldn’t never be tolerated by the victim, an employer or a coworker. Victims should feel safe to speak out and file a formal complaint but they often fear retaliation so they keep their mouths shut and endure the abuse. If you are being harassed at work but fear reporting the abuse will lead to retaliation, you are encouraged to speak with a sexual harassment attorney in Pennsylvania immediately. They can guide you through the process of filing a formal complaint and will inform you of your rights ensure they are respected.

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