After several cases of sexual harassment came out involving major Hollywood TV stars, producers, and others who hold positions of power, while Hollywood may have taken a break from the spotlight, the field of politics certainly hasn’t. Not only are several senators being forced to resign in various starts across the county, but now a Pennsylvania lawmaker is being accused of both sexual and physical assault.

Rep. Nick Miccarelli has been named as the man who might be the next lawmaker on his way out. According to Lancaster Online, two women came forward after sitting silently for years in fear of losing their jobs alleging that Miccarelli engaged in sexual and physical assault. One woman said that the republican, who she dated at some point between 2012 and 2014, claimed that during one of their arguments, “he brandished a gun while driving at speeds in excess of 100 mph, threatening to kill them both.” The second woman, who also dated Miccarelli some years back, alleges that he forced her to have sex with him despite the fact that their relationship had ended.

The women “are coming forward as the #metoo movement has emboldened hundreds of women across the nation to openly discuss what they describe as a pervasive culture of sexual harassment or abuse in the workplace.” While many of the lawmakers who have been accused of similar things have stepped down from their positions, Miccarelli is denying these allegations and has also said he “was denied an opportunity to directly address his accusers.” He even went as far as telling a reporter that “What you are being told is absolute lies, a thousand percent lies.” He said he “never laid a hand on a woman.”

Will Miccarelli’s Word Hold Up?

But, one of the comments made by Miccarelli that many might refute is that he said, “No one has ever given me or told me about any complaints” or that the woman he was dating consensually never complained to him about his behavior. But, how many cases of sexual harassment have involved women who have voiced their concerns right then and there? The reality is that not very many have simply because they didn’t know what to do or what would happen if they were to complain. Unfortunately for the Republican, that might not serve as support in his case.

What may help his case, however, are the text messages, emails, and photos he claims he has although he would not provide any of this documentation. While one of the women has mentioned she wants the lawmaker to resign, it is unlikely seeing that he is prepared to deny these allegations as long as he can or until he can prove that they are false.

So, for now, these women will want to work closely with their Pennsylvania sexual harassment attorneys so they can achieve the goal they both want most, for Miccarelli to be held accountable for “his heinous acts.”


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