Pennsylvania, Rights Against Sexual Harassment

Individuals across all walks of life who are abused by someone in authority often end up believing that the abuse they suffered is somehow their fault. This is very far from the truth. Anyone who is abused, especially those who are sexually abused at the workplace should understand that this abuse is never their fault, and the abuser should be held accountable for their cruel actions, no matter how much power and authority they hold in the company.

The rates of sexual abuse in the workplace are ridiculously high and over 80% of workers state they have been abused in this manner while carrying out daily work tasks. Though workplace harassment is very common, there are avenues set forth for employees to ensure they remain as safe and protected as possible. The best way for an employee to gather the courage to speak out is by firstly, staying informed with everything that is going on around them and with understanding what sexual harassment is, to begin with.

Any unwelcome advances, sexual favors, or requests, and verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature are considered harassment and should be stopped at all costs. The nature of sexual harassment is that it usually always escalates as time passes. The more a person allows their abuser room to continue, the more likely the harassment will increase and with time a person may find themselves in a situation that seriously threatens their life and overall well-being.

Once a person is well informed about what is defined as sexual harassment, they should make sure they educate themselves on their company policies regarding the matter. Every employer must outline their harassment complaint procedure so that anyone who is abused can easily find a way to file their complaint and get the protection they deserve.

Taking action after workplace sexual harassment occurs in Pennsylvania

Every employee has the right to be safe and protected against sexual harassment and though it can be very difficult to take the first step to stop the abuse, a person should understand that it is only through their voice that they can protect themselves.

As soon as a person faces harassment, they should go forward and report the abuse to their supervisor and the human resource officer as well. The law protects a person from abuse and mandates that the employer thoroughly investigates any claim that is made with them.

If one’s employer ignores their complaint and the abuse is ongoing, they should reach out to a sexual harassment attorney at the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore as soon as possible so they can get the legal protection they need against the harassment and the irresponsibility of their employer.

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