An internal investigation has concluded that State Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s interim chief of staff Jonathan A. Duecker is in fact guilty of sexual harassment. This spells bad news for Kane’s office which just cannot seem to stay under the radar, as reported by The Times Tribune.

Miss Kathleen Kane was in the news for all the wrong reasons and even faced charges of perjury, wrongful swearing, and obstruction of justice only a few months back when she allegedly leaked two confidential internal memos to the media.

A lawsuit bought forward by a sexual harassment attorney listed Duecker as the principal defendant. He had been accused of sexual harassing two of his female subordinates that also worked in the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s office. One of the victims has been identified as Michele Kluk, after she went public about the abuse. The other victim’s identity has been withheld for security reasons and privacy concerns.

Human Resources: Fire Duecker!

The ironic part of the whole deal is that the internal probe which was conducted by the Office of Professional Responsibility summed up their investigation and concluded that Duecker had in fact behaved inappropriately with the two women and the Human Resources department instructed Kane to terminate him from office. This revelation came only five days after Kane had actually promoted Duecker. Currently, he is at the top of the hierarchical chain, second only to Kane herself.

Kane could not be reached for comment. On the other hand, Duecker answered the phone call of a comment seeking reporter but hung up abruptly and immediately when asked about the accusations. A spokesperson for Kathleen Kane said that he could neither confirm nor deny that Kane was even aware of these accusations but he added that Kane had confidence in her Chief of Staff.

The allegations against Jonathan A. Duecker

According to Michele Kluk’s sexual harassment attorney, several members of the office had gone out to a place called Damon’s Bar and Grill for some food and drinks when Duecker put one hand up Kluk’s skirt and another up her blouse.

There are outstanding local sexual harassment attorneys on the site of but they can only do so much. If this behavior continues the perpetrator will end up in the food stamp line.

Do not be in the same house!

The other unidentified victim also had a similar story of sexual harassment where she was harassed at a residence which was often used by the State Attorney General’s Office for investigative purposes. While there, she alleged that Duecker had put his palm on her pubic area and started massaging her. She refused the subtle sexual advance and told him she was going to get a nap and left for another room in the house.

Shockingly, when she woke up, she saw Duecker lying next to her in bed and asked him what he was doing there. Supposedly, Duecker said that he was just about to leave and scrambled out of the room.

Ducker had not faced any action from the Office for the above mentioned atrocities. The issue only came to the attention of the Office of Professional Responsibility while they were investigating a separate, un-related incident.