Kappa Delta Rho was home to a group of fraternity brothers that time and again proven to be a nuisance to the Pennsylvania State University and its many other students and staff. The group was notorious for partying, drinking, and suspected drug dealing and consuming. Sounds like college!

It was a common occurrence for the members of Kappa Delta Rho to compete with each other to see who could bring back women to stay the night after having partied excessively. Despite being well aware of this, there was not really much the university could do punish the frat house since the hook-ups were mutual, as reported by Jezebel.com.

Lack of respect

The above mentioned atrocity apparently was not cutting it for the members of Kappa Delta Rho. It has recently transpired that they were also the administrators of a Facebook page where they would post pictures of naked woman (usually passed out drunk) to show off as their sexual conquests. In this regard, you can rest assured that it was not something the women consented to. If you have ever been a victim of this type of stupidity or lack of respect in a sexual nature you should visit the site USAttorneys.com where there are some terrific local sexual harassment attorneys ready to defend your honor.

Ergo, the university finally obtained a solid reason to shut down the frat house. After much deliberation, the university board came to a conclusion that it was going to close Kappa Delta Rho for three years. A university spokesman also confirmed that many of the women had hired sexual harassment attorneys and were suing members of the fraternity for sexual harassment.

Kentucky state legislators get a little longer to prepare defense against sexual harassment allegations

It is often assumed without a second thought that the people that make our laws are moral human beings that devote their lives and careers towards making society safer for all of us. Sadly, we do not live in a utopian world. In fact, in Kentucky, the same people that write the law books have been accused of sexual harassment by female subordinates working in the same office. The accused are former State Representative John Arnold and current Rep. Johnny Bell. The plaintiffs have been identified as legislative office employees Yolanda Costner and Cassaundra Cooper.


Originally, a mediation session was scheduled to take place on Tuesday but due to an unforeseen accident that one of the sexual harassment attorneys was involved in, it has been postponed to an unspecified later date which is subject to the recovery of the attorney.

As per a Kentucky.com report, the lawsuit claims that female staffers in the legislative office were subjected to sexual harassment and further fired or demoted when they attempted to speak out against such harassment. Arnold has been accused of the actual sexual harassment and Bell has been accused of retaliating against those that took a stance against the harassment.

Salt Lake City mayor offers comment on sexual harassment lawsuit against city

Initially, Mayor Ralph Becker had declined to comment on a lawsuit which named the city, its police Department, a former police deputy and the current police chief as defendants. The suit alleged sexual harassment within the Salt Lake City Police Department and was brought forward by three female police officers.

According to Desert News, Becker seemed to have a change of heart and addressed the lawsuit saying that the city takes such allegations very seriously and thorough investigations would be conducted and anyone found guilty of sexual harassment would be appropriately reprimanded.