The Missouri Capitol is the recent place of horror because female interns have been subject to sexual harassment. In the last few months, disturbing details have emerged of not just of interns, but also of journalists, lobbyists, and staff members being at the receiving end of unsolicited and unwanted attention from men in position of power.

A report by The Kansas City Star reveals, Todd Richardson, the House Speaker, entrusted Rep. Kevin Engler, R-Farmington, with the task of coming up with a new policy for interns. The Speaker also sent out memos to other representatives, requesting them to give their suggestions and recommendations. Unfortunately, it appears these representatives just don’t get it. Rep. Bill Kidd, R-Independence, was one of the few who responded with his suggestion promptly.

Blaming the victim is a foregone conclusion

Representatives Bill Kidd and Nick King were quick to point out about the intern dress code. The latter also went a bit ahead and mentioned that removing this distraction would help everyone focus on important legislative matters. Hilarious. This is why this website right here should be saved by you since there are attitudes like this. Attitudes like this is what keeps sexual harassment lawyers busy throughout the week.

While these politicians and others like them are not bad, it definitely is worrying that grown, matured, and intelligent men like these actually believe dress code could be the answer to sexual harassment at the Capitol. It is strange to even imagine such a suggestion, considering many of these politicians have spouses and daughters back home. Does this mean these grown men are unable to control themselves in the presence of young, pretty women and blame them for everything?


Missouri is not alone

It seems sexual harassment at the workplace has become well, commonplace. A WFAA8ABC report reveals even in Tarrant County, Texas, there seems to be a problem. A female court manager is suing not just the county, but also the justice of peace for years of sexual harassment and physical abuse.

Based on the details of the federal lawsuit, Martha Kibler was forced to have sexual intercourse and oral sex with Russ Casey, Justice of Peace to Precinct 3, for the five years she was working in his office. The sexual harassment started in late 2009 when the judge loaned her money to repair her car. She went to his office to return the money, but the judge wouldn’t take it. Instead, he asked her to perform oral sex on him.

When she refused, he threatened her about her job which prompted Kibler to concede and perform oral sex. Finally, when Kibler started refusing Judge Casey’s demands, she was fired for embezzling money from the judge’s office.

Don’t be a victim

Workplaces in the US are becoming notorious for such cases and blaming the victims doesn’t work anymore. Stringent actions have to be taken against perpetrators and the victims should be protected and compensated. Besides having the right workplace policies to prevent sexual harassment, workplaces should also protect whistleblowers, who are often terminated with an excuse.

If you are being sexually harassed at your workplace, don’t take the abuse and harassment. Sexual harassment is a crime and the perpetrator should be brought to justice. All sexual harassment lawyers will tell you that you need sound legal representation to ensure you get justice rather than being blamed and penalized for something that you didn’t commit or ask for.

Sexual harassment lawyers work with a team of qualified and knowledgeable personnel, who can work to your advantage and ensure you get compensated for the years (months or weeks) of pain, suffering, and humiliation.