Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is a group based in Jackson, Missouri. The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, it provides opportunities for leadership development, and an intellectual platform for an exchange of ideas and ideals, in addition to fellowships.

To achieve its goals, PTK appoints student international officers every year. These international officers represent the group in seminars and events and also visit the Phi Theta Kappa headquarters.

Each year five students are elected to serve as international officers during the Society’s Annual Convention. Phi Theta Kappa’s International Officers include a President and four Vice Presidents, representing four geographic Divisions.

In the academic year 2013-14, Toni Marek and Rachel Reeck were two of the five student international officers appointed that year. Toni Marek, a 36-year old woman, a military veteran and a mother of two attended Victoria College in Texas at the time and Rachel Reeck, a 23-year old, is a nursing student at Western Technical College in Wisconsin.

Rod Risley is the group’s Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. He is a member of the 21st-Century Commission on the future of Community Colleges. He was named a Distinguished Alumnus by the American Association of Community Colleges. He was also awarded the prestigious Leadership Award by the American Association of Community Colleges.

The two women, Marek and Reeck, certainly don’t think of the man as prestigious or distinguished. The women have recently come forward and have made allegations against Rod Risley saying that during their time as PTK international officers they were subjected to sexual harassment, intimidation, inappropriate touching, and unprofessional behavior by Rod Risley.

Colleges back students, show concern by writing letters to Phi Theta Kappa

The presidents of Victoria College and Western Technical College are Tom Bultler and Lee Rasch respectively. They have demonstrated their concern and support for their students. Each of them has written separate letters to Phi Theta Kappa Board Chairman Everett Johnson. The letters basically express their disapproval of Risley’s alleged behavior, the letters state that the colleges have taken these allegations very seriously and that they hope PTK will conduct a thorough and meticulous investigation to address the claims.

They urge Phi Theta Kappa to appoint unbiased, neutral sexual harassment attorneys to conduct the investigation into the matter. In fact, Victoria College president Tom Butler went as far as to setup his own investigation team but they weren’t able to uncover the truth due to the fact that they did not have access to a lot documents and personnel interviews.

Their findings were inconclusive. There are lot of victims of sexual harassment who want to hire local sexual harassment attorneys, but are not sure where to start the search. can be a salient place to start the search.

Phi Theta Kappa orders investigation, Risley denies all allegations

Phi Theta Kappa has launched an investigation to address the allegations made against their C.E.O. The group has appointed sexual harassment attorneys from a Mississippi law firm to conduct these investigations. Everett Johnson, in her reply to the letters from the two college presidents, has stated that the investigations will be unbiased and neutral.

Rod Risley has completely denied the allegations. Risley has said that Marek is conspiring against him because she was removed from her position as international officer since she had failed to keep up to the standards that were expected consistently. He also claims that Reeck is Marek’s best friend and is supporting the allegations seeking some sort of financial settlement.