Chief Amos Damron of the Morningside Police Department faces a sexual harassment lawsuit from a female officer. The officer, Carissa Lewis, alleges in her lawsuit that she was treated in an unfair manner throughout her pregnancy and was also sexually harassed by Damron. She is claiming $1 million in damages. Many people believe that is too high but she deserves something if that is the case.

Harassed throughout pregnancy?

Sexual harassment attorney for Lewis stated that the defendant showed his client pictures of scantily clad women that he had met through his profile online. Despite a request and a note from her doctor to assign light duties to her during her pregnancy, she was still given field work, Lewis says in her lawsuit. Things got worse after she delivered her child and was nursing. Lewis also says that she requested the Chief for a place to pump breast milk in an email to which he did not respond.

Did she expect her own nursery care unit?

Sexual harassment attorney for Damron sent an email denying all allegations against his client and said that he would file a response shortly.

Former partner sues an investment firm for $16 million

A $16 million gender discrimination lawsuit was filed against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers by a former employee and partner of the firm, Ellen Pao, in May of 2012. Pao alleges that the firm engaged in blatant gender discrimination, due to which her career prospects were stymied, and she was neither promoted nor given a raise.

Pao was asked to leave the firm in October 2012 after she complained about the gender discrimination to management, she says in her lawsuit.

Aileen Lee, a former colleague, testified during the recent hearing that there was at a dinner at former Vice President and self-proclaimed Internet creator Al Gore’s apartment which was attended only by male partners of the firm. Sexual harassment attorneys for the firm objected to Lee being allowed to testify, calling it an infringement of her privacy, but the Judge had allowed Pao to question Lee.

It seems the firm is trying to cover something up and this would not be the first time a woman has been treated poorly by a Democratic group or person. The State of New York is dealing this right now.

In a response, Kleiner has said that Pao had twisted the facts in order to make the legal claims, which were baseless.

Ellen Pao

The attorneys for Kleiner submitted a request to the judge to get information about Pao’s stake in the company from her current employer, Reddit. Pao currently is the interim CEO at Reddit.

Shortage of women in the workforce

Silicon Valley has been plagued by a lack of women in their workforce, and shortage of women VCs that has led to fewer women founding start-ups, according to sexual harassment attorneys. This case has once again thrown the spotlight on the huge gender gap that exists in tech companies.

The trial will recommence in February with the jury selection and opening arguments.

In 2007, Pao’s junior partner forced her into having an affair with him and harassed her continuously after that, according to the lawsuit. No action was taken despite complaints being lodged with the management. Instead, the firm discriminated against her by paying her less and withholding her promotion, according to the document. The firm has denied all allegations, and says that Pao was asked to leave based on her performance. So they deny her claims about this affair? Apparently so.