Bradley Whitehead of Lake Havasu City has been cited for sexual harassment after a teenage employee alleged that he slapped her buttocks with a knife when he was cleaning a slicer at work. The employee claims that he reached out behind him and slapped her hard on her buttocks with a knife.

According to, when questioned, another male employee who was witness to the incident said that Whitehead’s actions did not seem appropriate. However, Whitehead refuted all allegations and told police that would not sexually harass anyone he worked with. He also claimed that he had his back turned to the girl and did not intend to aim for her buttocks. Whitehead received a citation from the police and was released.

Another Democrat mistreating woman

According to a report, Sen. Paul LeVota, (D) Kansas City is currently the subject of a sexual harassment claim by two interns. The state is reportedly investigating the complaint against the senator following the sudden departure of two college students doing their internship at his office. The senate’s investigation is currently focused on the complaint made by the interns.

Meanwhile, the senator chose to brush aside questions on the focus of the senate’s investigations. Findings on the investigations will be released next week, according to Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey, (R) St. Charles. Without divulging any details, the senate has reportedly hired a sexual harassment attorney to investigate a sexual harassment complaint.


Oilfield-service company faces sexual harassment lawsuit filed by 3 employees

A sexual harassment lawsuit has been field by three employees of Larose-based Danos, an oilfield service company, against their supervisor, according to The company has also been named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed by the sexual harassment attorney representing three plaintiffs.

Herbert Bourne is on the wrong side of morality

The lawsuit filed on July 1st in New Orleans names Steven Harrell and Chad Hendrix of Alabama, and David Sartin of Mississippi as the plaintiffs. The three employees claim that Herbert Bourne, their supervisor, sexually harassed them while one claims that he retailed and demoted him for reporting the incidents.

According to the lawsuit, Bourne is alleged to have sexually harassed the men between January 2011 and May 2013. The defendant and the plaintiffs worked on a fixed oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico during this period. Bourne is said to have made sexually offensive comments to male employees and became sexually aggressive towards them on several occasions.

The plaintiffs claim that other male employees were also victims of his harassment. Hendrix joined Danos in January 2011 while Sartin and Harrell joined two years later in August 2012. The lawsuit cites several instances of sexual harassment and assault. Bourne is alleged to have simulated sexual acts on the plaintiffs and drew images of a sexual nature on Sartin’s mask.

The company was wrong

The lawsuit also claims that Sartin was apprehensive about complaining about Bourne to his employer because the defendant was in a position of power and the company did not take any measures to correct the situation despite several complaints by other employees. On the other hand, Harrell claims that the company retaliated against him for reporting Bourne, following which he was transferred on reduced wages with less work hours. This is where should come into the picture. The sexual harassment attorneys on this site would not tolerate this horrendous and disgusting behavior.