Sexual harassment attorney Gregg Zeff is representing Sandra Reid, a Deptford police officer in a sexual harassment lawsuit against her superior, Capt. Michael Taylor. The attorney specializes in employment matters of police officers and said that this particular case caught his attention because the charges against his client were trivial.

Gender Specific Insult

Reid claims in her lawsuit that Taylor used a gender specific insult against her. She has been employed in the department for more than 10 years and in 2012 she wanted to enroll for a refresher course for radar instructors at the Camden County Emergency Training Center. According to the lawsuit, Taylor denied her permission for the same, which Reid came to know about a month later. Later the same year, Detective Ed Kiermeier informed her that Taylor had used the gender specific insult to describe her in a text message.

Although she complained to the Human Resources, they did not find that her complaints were valid, according to Reid. Taylor had filed a complaint that she had committed an oath violation and the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association (PBA) Local #122 would investigate the matter. In October 2013, Reid and Taylor passed each other in a hallway, and exchanged greetings, but she was reported by Taylor for failing to greet a superior officer in an appropriate manner.

Chief William Hanstein later emailed and informed her that she was entitled to file a sexual harassment complaint against Taylor, according to the documents. She was also subject to an unwanted wellness check, ordered by Taylor.

Reid filed a complaint in November against Taylor while the township and other superiors have also been named in the lawsuit as defendants.

Police Chief Resigns Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

A $25,000 sexual harassment lawsuit has been filed against former police Chief David Oliver by Brimfield township officer Crystal Casterline. Casterline said in her lawsuit that Oliver touched her inappropriately and commented on her physical assets. He also struck her on the thigh and the throat, according to the lawsuit.

Oliver resigned last month and also deactivated his Facebook account where he was popular for his bold comments on social media. After being accused of sexual harassment, he had posted on Facebook that he was a hugger. Hugger? Even with people you barely know and who are not related to you?!

Oliver said that he regularly hugged police officers in the department and everyone found that to be amusing. He also said in the post that he had never hugged anyone for inappropriate reasons. It does not matter, hugging is too much and not professional.

Suspended in Retaliation

After the complaint, Oliver had been suspended for two weeks on the charges of violating administrative policy by the Township trustees. Oliver resigned shortly after being suspended, and his resignation was accepted by the trustees. Sexual harassment attorneys said that the trustees did not comment on the resignation.

Casterline’s sexual harassment attorney had emailed township officials last year to notify them that her client was sexually harassed, had to work in a hostile environment, and had to face retaliation for her objection to the harassment to Oliver. The lawsuit was filed in Summit County Common Pleas Court.