A sexual harassment attorney representing the new age pop star Kesha Sebert (alias Ke$ha) had filed a legal complaint which named Dr. Lukasz Gottwalk as the principal defendant and alleged that he had sexually abused the pop diva.

However, according to Hollywood Reporter, it seems like Kesha’s lawsuit and her desire to avenge Dr. Lukasz’ supposed behavior has been hit with an unexpected setback after a California based judge in charge of the case has ruled that the lawsuit proceeding will be put on hold.

Did this really happen?

Both Dr. Lukasz, better known as Dr. Luke, and Kesha filed lawsuits against each other in the month of October in 2014. Kesha’s lawsuit was filed in California and alleges that Dr. Luke had spiked her drink with drugs and then forced himself on her sexually. On the other hand, Dr. Luke alleged that Kesha’s claims were untrue and unsubstantiated and that she had only filed a lawsuit against him so that she could free herself from his contracts that she had already signed.

Kesha’s lawsuit further accused Dr. Luke of having made false promises by claiming that he would revise her contractual agreement to make it more favorable and desirable to her but never actually did so even though she kept up to her end of the contract and performed all duties as stipulated in the contract.

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Clause in contract signed by Kesha results in her lawsuit being denied

However, Kesha and her lawsuit have been caught out because of a certain clause in her contract. The contract stated that any disputes arising between the two parties would have to be handled in the state of New York. However, Kesha had filed the lawsuit in California and hence the judge decided to put a stop to the case.

Kesha’s sexual harassment attorney did contest this ruling by arguing that she had never voluntarily accepted the terms mentioned in the contract and the fact that the allegations outlined in the lawsuit did not occur in New York.


The judge denied this request by citing that there was no concrete evidence to show that she hadn’t entered the contract willfully and also said that there was no reason to file the litigation in California especially since Kesha wasn’t even a resident of California.

It seems likely that Kesha’s legal team will now file fresh litigation against Dr. Luke in New York, but it is without question that Dr. Luke has won the first bout of this match.

Hogan sex tape case makes it to trial

Even though there have been several celebrities who have had to deal with their sex tapes being leaked on the Internet for the whole world to see, never have any of these unfortunate celebs been successful in taking the people that leaked it to court. However, Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan and his attorney are absolutely determined to sue Gawker for posting his sex tape on the Internet and are seeking $100 million in damages.

Many people believe that amount of money does not make sense―$1 million is perhaps more sensible.

In a recent statement, Hulk Hogan made it abundantly clear that he wasn’t suing because he needed the money. He just wants to make sure that the people that invaded his privacy pay the price. According to a tbo.com report, Hogan is ready for trial and seeks $100 million from Gawker who posted the video of him and Heather Clem.