Portland, ME, Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

Sexual harassment training is required in Maine, and in fact, Maine was the first state to require sexual harassment training to be given in situations where an employer has more than 15 employees. There are many reasons that this training was mandated and the biggest of them is to ensure the safety of the employees and everyone around them. It is vital that all employers educate themselves on the sexual harassment training requirements and that they make sure to fulfill them to the best of their ability. If these requirements are not met, then the employer will likely be penalized in court if a claim is filed against them.

When employers are in the planning stages of developing a harassment training program, they have to keep the legal requirements in mind, so all the checkpoints are met and nothing integral is left out by accident. Employers should make their training program based on the fact that sexual harassment violates the Human Rights Act, and any action such as requesting sexual favors, carrying our unwelcome advances, and implicit or explicit physical advances are all considered a form of harassment. During the training, employees have to be educated on their obligations and their responsibility to report the harassment as soon as they see it. Employees should also be well informed of the illegal nature of the behavior.

It is important to note that the employer may be held responsible for the harassment if they were aware that it was occurring, but they did not take the required steps to prevent it from happening.  Employers can avoid expensive legal complications and ensure the safety of their employees by ensuring they maintain compliance with the sexual harassment training law of Maine.

What should an employer do after sexual harassment is reported in Portland, Maine?

Once the employee fulfills their responsibility and informs the employer or management that the sexual harassment took place, employers have to make sure they thoroughly investigate the claim to see if it is accurate or a simple misunderstanding. They need to take every measure to make sure they keep the victim safe and that they further educate and penalize the offender if there is substantial evidence indicating what actually took place.

Employers who are seeking advice regarding sexual harassment in the workplace should connect with an expert sexual harassment attorney to help them with their case and inform them of the legal options they can select from. Employees who were harassed and who are not being heard by their employer should also call a legal professional to learn more about the next steps they need to take to ensure they are protected.

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