Cleveland, OH– A tenured Professor at Case Western Reserve Law School has accused Dean Lawrence Mitchell of sexual harassment and retaliation in a new lawsuit

In his lawsuit, Law Professor Ku said he observed Law School Dean Lawrence Mitchell sexually harass female faculty members and students. Ku’s lawsuit also states that in 2011 he reported the harassment to Case Western Reserve’s provost, vice president for diversity and faculty diversity officer, according the Plain Dealer.

Ku personally observed and incident in which Mitchell caressed a female staff member at a party. He was also told about incidents where Mitchell said inappropriate things about students and faculty.

Mitchell’s inappropriate behavior was questioned at City Club event in January of last year when flyers were circulated among attendees. It was during this even that Mitchell allegedly told one staff member that a female graduate student was only good for “keeping the bed warm.”

Ku’s suit alleges that Mitchell threatened to fire him, stripped him of a number of associate dean duties, and removed him as co-director of the Center for Law, Technology and the Arts. Mitchell also decreased Ku’s pay.

Another staff member who answered to the school’s provost was removed from his position after reporting Mitchell for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. That staff member was eventually laid off.

The suit also alleges faculty at Case Western was aware that Mitchell was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student while he was employed at George Washington University.

Ku’s attorney, Subodh Chandra, spoke about the retaliation and commended his client for taking action.

“Professor Ku paid a high price for doing what was both required and right—standing up for victims at great personal risk and reporting to senior university officials Dean Mitchell’s potential harassment,” Chandra said. “But retaliation is illegal and a law-school dean should know he is not above the law.”

As for the Case Western, they deny the allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation and released a statement.

The statement reads, “This situation is categorically not an instance of retaliation. Professor Ku continues to hold a full-time, tenured faculty position at the School of Law. The lawsuit itself includes inaccuracies, as well as an inflammatory flier that has been found to be materially false. The university will have additional comment upon more thorough review of the suit and opposing counsel’s press release.”

Chandra, however, questions Case’s wisdom of continuing the protect Mitchell in light of the allegations against him and asked if they would continue to protect him or “live up to its own policies and ideals for the sake of its students, staff, and faculty,” according to the Plain Dealer.

A female faculty member of Case has also released a statement saying that she never witnessed any sexually inappropriate behavior. Other faculty members have said that Mitchell has worked to increase diversity at the university and has fought against pay disparities for women.

The Plain Dealer noted that no women have come forward with allegations against Mitchell and have not joined his lawsuit.