Despite the innovations in society that have arisen in recent years, the modern workplace environment still has some unfortunate drawbacks that need to be thoroughly corrected to provide a safe working space for every employee. Sexual harassment is a relatively common occurrence in any workplace setting, and that is why changes have been made to the law to prevent this abuse from taking place as often as before.

Often, employees are too scared to speak out when they are being sexually harassed because they feel like their livelihood is on the line, and it often is. Individuals with more authority in the workplace often take advantage of women and men alike who are dependent on them for income. They believe they can exercise their power and authority to get sexual favors and benefits from those employees to whom they are attracted to.

Victims of such behavior need to stand up for themselves, and they need to understand that they do have a way out of this highly abusive and toxic situation. The first thing any victim should do is educate themselves on what circumstances are considered illegal. When another individual carries out unwelcome sexual advances or even makes verbal comments that are sexual, this is considered sexual harassment. If a person makes sexist comments or they make a person uncomfortable to the point that a hostile environment is created in the workplace then their actions are considered illegal and they can be held responsible for their actions by the law.

Apart from educating oneself, a person should not hesitate to inform others about the abuse they’re suffering. It is obviously a lot easier said than done, but a person should speak out against their abuser and inform the management or their boss as soon as possible. When abuse of this sort is ignored it often gets much worse and escalates drastically so a person should not make the mistake of simply trying to ignore the harassment.

If their employer fails at protecting them, they should reach out to a sexual harassment attorney in Florida and inform them of everything going on in their workplace. A lawyer who is familiar with the law and who has dealt with similar cases in the past can let a person know if they have a criminal case and what they should do to prevent the abuser from carrying on with their harassment.

The Florida Civil Rights Act on sexual discrimination

The Florida Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination against employees based on their gender. The U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) also does not allow any form of sexual harassment, sexual favors, or unwelcome sexual advances.

Employers can be held responsible for any form of sexual abuse their employees suffer if they did not take preventive measures to stop the behavior. Any form of harassment is not allowed in the workplace and if a person is being abused, they should speak with an attorney as soon as possible to get the help they need to get out of their complicated situation.


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