Being discriminated against and discharged from a job can be a daunting experience especially when you suspect the reason behind your termination had nothing to do with your performance but possible retaliation. You could have been singled out due to age, sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, or even for making a sexual harassment complaint against your co-workers or bosses.

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Focus on the legal issues

To begin with, it is important to understand that your personal characteristics are in no way correlated to your value as an employee. However, the pain of losing your position to someone who is less qualified than you, could add more fuel to the fire. While you may be bogged down a bit emotionally it is time to focus on legal issues and protect your rights. The sooner you do that the better your chances of filing a sexual discrimination lawsuit, severance agreement, or settlement.

Seek immediate legal counsel

If you have been terminated from your Kentucky based job, the most important step is to refrain from signing any document without legal advice. You may be tempted to just get over with it but that could stop you from getting what you deserve. Your employer may offer severance pay or continuation of salary or benefits in exchange for giving up your legal right.

The key is to wait to obtain legal advice from your lawyer and obtain a significantly better bargain. If you have been sexually harassed and retaliated against, a Kentucky sexual harassment lawyer will help you through the legal process.

Make sure to seek assistance from a lawyer right away since claims for discrimination usually have a short deadline. If you consider filing a lawsuit, make sure you have all the evidence and all that you say and do is conforms to your legal strategy.

Your lawyer will be in the best position to evaluate the strength of your discrimination claim and other legal claims such as breach of contract or discharge in violation of public policy, to name a few. Even if you don’t wish to sue, a Kentucky sexual harassment attorney can help with good strategy to get the best possible settlement from your employer.

Settlement vs. court trial

Now is also the time to formulate your goals and determine if you want to obtain a settlement immediately or are ready to handle years of litigation and potentially receive a larger monetary award. Make sure you have your employment records in order. This includes evaluations of past performance, employee handbook, documents on your pension plan and your rights under the plan, and more.


This is also a judicious time to speak with other employees who have been terminated. They may have a heavy dose of information to offer and even be interested in pursuing joint legal action. You can also find some salient information right here:

File complaint with government agencies

With the help of a Kentucky sexual harassment or discrimination attorney you can also file claims with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that investigates sexual harassment and sexual discrimination claims. You can also file complaints with other federal and state governmental agencies that have regulations in place to protect the rights of discharged employees.

No matter what, you can have your lawyer draft and deliver a demand letter to your employer. This often proves the best way to get an employer to agree to settle out of court. Don’t give up hope either. If you have a strong case you can go all the way to court and win big with a competent sexual harassment or discrimination attorney by your side.