A former or previous female employee has sued Raven Crest Mining, Xintergy Ltd, Jack Hagewood, and his corporate managers for sexual harassment.

The case has been filed by Pamela Myles who was employed as an office secretary at the South Fork mine site of Raven Crest Mining. She has said in court documents that Jack Hagewood, a vice president with the company, habitually preyed upon female employees and female contractors.

Hagewood became vice president in 2011 and subjected Myles and other female employees to unwanted sexual advances threatening to terminate their employment or otherwise interfere with their employment unless they agreed to his sexual advances. Among other things, Myles says that Hagewood asked the women employees to watch him masturbate, asked for sexual favors, and once when she was alone, showed her a photo of his erect genitals on his mobile phone.

Myles has said that she was humiliated and suffered embarrassment and mental anguish because of Hagewood’s behavior.

A ridiculous response

Myle’s complaint also claims that she complained to her supervisor as well as Hagewood’s corporate manager about his behavior. However, instead of taking action against Hagewood, they laughed off her concerns and deemed his behavior harmless.

Myles was unable to overlook his conduct. However, Hagewood was not reprimanded but instead allowed to resign and leave the company with a severance pay. This is beyond the point where she should have but still can utilize the site USAttorneys.com. There are some fantastic attorneys here and the place where a marvelous West Virginia sexual harassment attorney can be found.

Jack Hagewood should be punished and is unprofessional

Myles has alleged that she and other women employees of the company had to tolerate the sexual harassment for two years. Hagewood at one point began requiring the women to perform sexual acts without their consent. Even after complaints were lodged, the company did not take disciplinary action against Hagewood and instead permitted him to stalk and harass the female employees.

Myles, who is seeking both punitive and compensatory damages, initially filed the case against the company and its managers at the Boone Circuit court, but had to refile the case in the Kanawha County as some of the defendants resided there.

Filing a case against sexual harassment

Both men and women have the right to employment in an atmosphere free of sexual harassment. Employers and those in a supervisory position cannot use their power and authority to ask for sexual favors. Intimidating employees by suggesting that their employment would be terminated or adversely affected if they do not perform sexual acts is considered sexual harassment. However, it is difficult to prove sexual harassment since many time there is not any evidence available.

However, sexually explicit gestures, language, and demands made in the presence of witnesses can be used as evidence. Often times, the lawyer will try and use evidence from other women employees who were also harassed. If you have experienced sexual harassment and your organization was unwilling to put an end to the behavior, you can retain the services of a West Virginia sexual harassment lawyer who will help you file a case against the individuals and organization concerned.

Depending on the severity of the harassment and its effects, you can claim both compensatory and punitive damages from your employer and supervisor apart from the individual concerned.