The well-known American casual dining restaurant chain Red Lobster has supposedly paid off its accusers to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed against its Salisbury franchise. The allegations against the restaurant chain were made by three of its female employees, as per a Delmarva Now report.

According to official paperwork, the restaurant chain has agreed to pay a total of $160,000 to the three female accusers in order to settle the federal court case. This information was released by sexual harassment attorneys that work for the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which filed the lawsuit on behalf of the three women.

Perverted culinary manager

The legal complaint which was initially registered 2 years ago in 2013 claimed that the culinary manager who worked at the Salisbury franchise had spread a hostile and offensive environment within the workplace. According to the lawsuit, incidents of sexual harassment began way back as 2007. The three women alleged that the culinary manager frequently groped and felt up female employees.

He would talk about his sexual fantasies which always involved one or more of them and made lewd, perverted, and sexual moves towards them even though they kept turning him down. The lawsuit further alleges that not only did the general manager of the franchise knowingly condone the culinary manager’s behavior but often made lewd and disgusting sexual remarks himself.

In its defense, the restaurant chain confirmed that they had in fact terminated the manager in 2010 as soon as they were made aware of his inappropriate conduct. Ever since this lawsuit was officially registered, Red lobster changed its ownership title from Darden Restaurants to Red Lobster Restaurants LLC.

Former Keene State College cross country coach speaks up for first time since being accused 

Peter Thomas, the former cross country coach of Keene State College, has finally spoken up, defending himself against the sexual harassment allegations that were made against him last year. The running pundit was expelled from his position by the college because of these allegations, as per a Sentinel Source report.

Thomas defended his own character and reputation in his first public interview since the allegations surfaced. Even though he was very mild mannered and soft spoken, he did strongly express his disapproval of the investigation team that concluded that he was guilty of his accusations. He called the probe biased, unethical, unprofessional, dependent, and easily influenced. Understandably, he seemed rather upset that his personality and reputation was forever tarnished because of an incompetent investigation team.


Thomas is unable to afford the option of suing the third party institution that conducted the investigation. He claims that the sexual harassment attorneys that he had approached and consulted told him that it may take anywhere between $30,000 and $100,000 in legal fees to clear him of his accusations but even if he did win, his legal compensation would only include his lost pay for the year which in his case would be $30,000. There is more than one legal option if you use the site but sometimes you will have to pay something.

A few verbal mistakes

Thomas did concede that throughout the several years of working as an awarded and honored cross-country coach he may have said one or two things which were a bit out of line but he never did anything that could be classified as sexual harassment.