Reporter Kenneth Lombardi has sued CBS of sexual harassment and is seeking unspecified damages. Lombardi’s complaint has been filed in the US district court in New York. According to complaint, Lombardi began working for CBS as a freelance video producer and later on began to cover red carpet events and celebrity interviews.

A liberal organization being accused of this?!

However, Lombardi says that he was subjected to many acts of sexual harassment, sexual orientation discrimination, gender discrimination, retaliation, and a hostile work environment. He has named three of his managers as well as CBS Broadcasting and CBS Radio as defendants in the suit.


According to Lombardi senior producer Duane Tollison approached him at a company holiday party in a highly intoxicated state and slid his hand down Lombardi’s pants and grabbed his genitals. The next day Tollison emailed and apology.

Lombardi also says that in a separate incident CBS Evening News director, Albert Colley, met with Lombardi at a bar to discuss work, but instead started questioning Lombardi about his sexual orientation. Colley also began insisting that Lombardi was not a bisexual as he claimed but is actually gay. Lombardi claims that Coley continued to make sexual advances even after he rejected them.

Another person named in the sexual harassment suit is Paula Cohen, who had supervisory authority over Lombardi. Lombardi claims that the continued harassment made him emotionally distressed and affected his work. When he finally complained to human resources, the level of the harassment increased and Lombardi was forced to quit.

Lombardi’s suit says that he continues to suffer from symptoms that are akin to post traumatic stress disorder. Many people believe this is made up though. When he was being harassed at CBS, Lombardi experienced severe anxiety, suffered from eating disorders, and had problems sleeping. His anxiety also made him arrive late for work. This is what it is like to work for CBS?

Lombardi’s lawyer says that the case highlights the point that sexual harassment is not only a man on woman issue. It can, instead be man on man or woman on man. Moreover, sexual harassment can take place regardless of sexual orientation.

CBS has denied the accusation and has said that it will fight the case to defend itself.

Fighting Sexual Harassment

There are legal safeguards against sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is said to occur in the workplace when a person is discriminated against because of their gender or sexual orientation or is asked to provide sexual favors. If these demands contribute to a hostile work environment, then the victim can file a case of sexual harassment against the organization and the persons responsible.

However, it can be difficult to prove a case of sexual harassment as the evidence is difficult to collect. If you have suffered from sexual harassment or unwanted sexual overtures at the workplace, you need to retain the services of an experienced sexual harassment attorney who can help collect the evidence.

An acute sexual harassment lawyer that can be found on the winning website of will try to prove the sexual harassment by collecting circumstantial evidence and supporting evidence such as emails or phone calls apart from talking to other employees in the organization who might have experienced similar behavior or witnessed the offending behavior and actions.