Sexual harassment at the workplace in America is a more common occurrence than what we tend to assume. Sexual harassment constitutes a broad scope of incidents ranging from teasing and verbal abuse to incidents of forced or violent sexual assault.

According to leading New York, NY sexual harassment lawyers, employers or companies in the state have certain responsibilities to protect their employees from sexual harassment and take action against those employees perpetrating it.

Sexual harassment policies may vary from company to company, but there are some duties that every company must mandatorily carry out when employee’s complaint about being sexual harassed. They are required to provide a safe working environment for their employees free from any form of discrimination or harassment. If you have any questions about this or if you want to shore up some ambiguity, this is an excellent employment/legal source for you.

Legal Comprehension

To being with, New York employers and companies need to gather legal knowledge and an understanding of the legislation surrounding and governing issues such as gender discrimination and sexual harassment at the workplace on both state specific and federal levels. Only when they are familiar with this information can they begin to identify and mitigate risks of sexual harassment within the company.

According to New York sexual harassment attorneys, this information is not difficult to access or gain. Organizations such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other FEPA’s are dedicated to imparting such knowledge and resources to employers so they can internally handle complaints of sexual harassment in an organized and efficient manner.

Written Policy

All companies are required to have several workplace and human resource policies that they expect their employees to adhere to. There are consequences for employees that violate these company policies. They may be warned, suspended, demoted, or even fired.

Federal requirements and state law mandate that companies also address sexual harassment within these company policies. The employer is required to establish what constitutes sexual harassment, and how a perpetrator will be dealt with. This written policy should compulsorily be a part of the employee’s handbook.

You may not believe you need a New York sexual harassment lawyer and it is a shame if you do. The human mind is very complex. How someone can think that that behavior is OK is irrational but it does happen. This is where this site comes into the fold: You should be able to focus on your job without worrying about and receiving strange comments and working under extra pressure because someone is threatening you. Someone should pay and it should not be you.


In some cases, when an employee harasses another employee or sub-ordinate then both the harasser and the company may be liable for the harassment and can be sued in a civil lawsuit. As per New York, New York sexual harassment lawyers, the company will be held liable in cases where they either failed to address the harassment, or fail to provide the worker with a safe environment free of discrimination and harassment.

There are even cases where superiors (management/supervisors) threaten employees of losing their job if they report the harassment, known as retaliation. Needless to say, the company can be sued for such behavior.


As mentioned before, if a company fails to address a sexual harassment complaint, they can be held legally liable for the harassment and damages resulting from it. Therefore, it is prudent for employers to have a procedure in place where they either internally investigate a sexual harassment complaint or hire another legal firm or New York City sexual harassment lawyer to conduct the investigation and present the findings on their behalf.

You may not want to wait for your employer though to investigate the matter. You may want to call legal help right after this incident occurs.