It has recently surfaced that Dallas’ newly appointed transportation director Jesse Lovelace was made to bow out of his previous job as transportation supervisor of Atlanta’s school district as part of settlement deal of a sexual harassment lawsuit brought against him and the district by a sexual harassment attorney representing a female bus driver that also worked for the school.

Lovelace’s attorney has confirmed that the settlement should not be perceived as an admission of guilt and that Lovelace was never technically guilty of sexual harassment.

According to Dallas News, earlier this week, a spokesperson for Dallas Independent School District (DISD) confirmed that they were in fact fully aware of the allegations when they hired Lovelace to head the transportation department.

Atlanta school district had paid $190,000 to settle sexual harassment claims

It has also come to light that the Atlanta district had to pay upwards of $190,000 back in March of 2013 to settle the lawsuit against them and Lovelace. According to the claims made in the lawsuit, Lovelace had physically touched the bus driver in a sexual manner and also subjected her to lewd and perverted comments and remarks.

Media personnel attempted to contact Lovelace via telephone for comments but their calls went unanswered and their voicemail messages remain unanswered also. This is probably because she was too busy spending time on the miraculous website where some of the best sexual harassment attorneys across the land reside.

Furthermore, the female bus driver had claimed in the lawsuit that she did not report the incident right away as she was apprehensive and expected some sort of retaliation for speaking up against the harassment and did not want to lose her job. In addition, she said that she did not bother going to the state police as Lovelace was formerly a police officer for the state and so her claims would never be taken seriously.

Supposedly, the plaintiff was eventually fired by Lovelace himself for having falsified official documents and records. It was only two years after she was terminated from her job that she filed suit against the district and Lovelace. She wait two years?

Lady law enforcement officer paid $270,000 to settle sexual harassment lawsuit

Marybeth Cole and her sexual harassment attorney were successful in making the Martinsburg Police Department pay them handsomely to withdraw a sexual harassment lawsuit that they had files against the Department, as reported by Herald Mail Media.

The lawsuit alleged that the Martinsburg Police Department had failed to properly investigate her complaints of sexual harassment against a male colleague and had negligently allowed the accused male officer to continue working in the same department and harassing her.

As part of the settlement, the plaintiff and her legal representative are prohibited from publicly commenting about the details of the case itself. In fact, it is suspected that the concerned officer continues being a part of the department as his identity has been safeguarded from the public. Even the lawsuit itself did not list the male officer directly as one of the defendants.

Hilarious and ridiculous!

Ironically, according to the lawsuit, after Cole complained against the male officer, the department demoted him and subsequently he and Cole were made to share an office.