Former Richmond officer, Thomas Hauschild, alleges that Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus sexually harassed him during his tenure and has filed a suit in the US District Court in San Francisco. The 44 year old former officer claims that he had to face the ire of the police chief after filing a sexual harassment complaint with the department.

Plaintiff claims he was wrongfully dismissed

Hauschild claims he was wrongfully dismissed from his job in 2013 after he complained of Magnus making sexual overtures towards him while he was guarding the chief’s home. According to the lawsuit filed by Hauschild’s sexual harassment attorney, Magnus touched him in a sexual manner and rubbed his hands on his upper leg. He also claims that Magnus called him up several times on his personal cell phone.

The plaintiff, who had served the department for 8 years, claims that he had to face the wrath of department officials after filing a complaint. He was denied promotions while his overtime was cut. He was struck off the SWAT team. In the sexual harassment lawsuit, Hauschild claims he was charged with domestic battery and possession of illegal guns, which led to his wrongful termination in 2013. He was fired from his job in December 2013 after being placed on administrative leave following the charges.

Police chief denies allegations

Magnus has denied the charges and claims the lawsuit is merely retaliatory in nature. He termed the allegations as a new low in bogus claims and reaffirmed his commitment to take issues concerning domestic violence and illegal weapons very seriously. Magnus alleges the lawsuit to be a desperate attempt to intimidate him. The police chief said he would continue to hold anyone in the department, including him, responsible for maintaining high standards of conduct both on and off duty. Incidentally, Magnus is open about being gay.

It looks like Magnus has some issues but Hauschild should have said something right when it happened – right when the first incident occurred. All the outstanding sexual harassment attorneys that can be found at would tell Hauschild the same thing and anyone else. There is not any reason to wait.

Plaintiff dismissed following domestic violence charges

In the lawsuit filed by his sexual harassment attorney, Hauschild states that the department took the opportunity to discharge him after he was found to be the aggressor in a case of domestic violence between him and his former wife in September 2012. Hauschild has disputed these allegations.

Deputies from the Alameda County Sheriff’s department who search his home found eight unregistered guns which he claims were procured from other officers in the Richmond Police Department. Hauschild alleges that the investigations were biased and refuses to admit to placing a condom on his ex-wife’s front door. The lawsuit also notes that no disciplinary action was taken against the officers who sold him the guns. What? You have to register them though.

Police chief faces flak for the second time

Police Chief Magnus has been at the wrong end of the stick before. Eight African American Richmond Police Department officers claimed that Magnus and former Deputy Chief Lori Ritter made racist jokes against them and denied them promotions in 2007. However, they were let off by a Contra Costa County jury due to lack of evidence that could substantiate the allegations.

Magnus, what is going on?!