Rights of Temporary Workers against Sexual Harassment

In the contemporary time frame, California organizations of different types employ temporary workers for periods ranging from just a few days to as much as a few months or a year or more. For the most part, temporary workers are hired to replace full-time personnel who are on leave or to supply services as seasonal workers at the time of holidays and/or certain periods of increased demand.

As a rule, temporary workers might be counted as non-employees or independent contractors. Nevertheless, businesses should provide these workers with certain rights related to salaries and wages, safety and health, as well as protections against harassment and discrimination. Incidentally, these laws are fully applicable to non-immigrant workers as well coming from the words of San Francisco, CA sexual harassment lawyers.

Many California businesses and public agencies are not doing well so hiring non-full time employees now is common. Nonetheless, sexual harassment cannot be tolerate and even if you are a part time employee you have the right not to tolerate this type of behavior. You can find legal help that will put fear in the other side using this site: https://usattorneys.com/. In fact, this legal resource tool just being in existence bothers many people in society who do not act right since they know a necessary legal attack can be launched at any time from the other side.

Protections Against Discrimination

Federal law protects temporary workers from every kind of discrimination based on national origin, race, disability, or gender. This signifies that any temporary worker who happens to be a female must to be paid the same salaries or wages as any of the other male employees performing the same job.

Apart from this, a temporary employee who is in possession of the mandatory work permit can’t be deprived of work simply because she hails from another country. If you need more information on the topic, consulting an experienced California sexual harassment attorney can prove to be most useful.

Protections against Sexual Harassment

Temporary workers must be protected against all forms of sexual harassment by the employees and business owners where they work. Sexual harassment generally consists of improper touching in a sexual mode, using language that is sexually explicit, demands, and use of language to engage in sexual acts.

Temporary workers are free to utilize the same complaint procedures as regular employees in the reporting of sexual harassment. In the event of being hired by a temporary agency, temp staffers may also file a complaint with the agency. Since these workers are new to the country and in the dark about immigration laws, it is always prudent of seek help from a San Francisco, California sexual harassment lawyer if something terrible has occurred or could occur.


Healthy and Safe Work Environment

Business organizations ought to maintain a healthy and safe environment for every temporary worker. Workers in areas where the employer offers housing facilities have every right to enjoy a clean, safe, and livable living space. Bathrooms provided at the workplace should be hygienic, and potable water should be made available to temporary workers in agricultural situations.

Salaries and Wages

If you go by the word from legal professionals, temporary workers of any type have every right to get paid reasonable fair wages or salaries for the work they perform. These workers must be subject to certain minimum wage laws, so that they are not at risk of being underpaid. In most cases, workers also have the right to be paid one-and-a-half times their normal earnings, in case they work for more than 40 hours a week. More sagacious information along these lines can be found right here.

Non-Immigrant Temporary Workers

Numerous non-immigrants enter in the US to do temporary work on a regular basis. They do so under certain special visa provisions, and are also accorded certain rights at their workplace. An employer might not withhold the passport of any foreign temporary worker, but should let the worker have full possession of all relevant documentation, including the visa and passport.

Besides, the foreign temporary worker cannot be induced into forced labor or threatened with retaliation by their employer. To understand their rights as a temporary worker, it is always wise for any immigrant worker to consult a fine and sparkling California sexual harassment lawyer if you do not want to scar the relationship possibly forever.