Riot Games Accused of Stalling its Sexual Harassment Investigation

Riot Games is one of many video game companies currently facing sexual harassment investigations. Unfortunately, it looks like this Los Angeles-based developer and publisher isn’t going to accept these accusations without a fight. The company appears to be delaying investigations and using other methods to impede the sexual harassment lawsuits it faces. The real question is whether these tactics will be beneficial, or whether they will result in further damage to Riot’s reputation and legal position.

If you have experienced sexual harassment in California, it’s very important to work with a qualified, experienced attorney. When you work with a legal professional, you can avoid unwanted delays and other issues with your lawsuit. Companies may try to delay proceedings, but your attorney can fight back against these tactics in an effective manner. With the right legal representation, you can obtain a fair, adequate settlement in a timely manner.

Riot Games Has Been Under Investigation Since 2018

Recent reports have confirmed that Riot Games has been under investigation by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing since at least 2018. Over the course of this investigation, evidence of widespread harassment was discovered. This allegedly includes gender discrimination in hiring and promotion decision-making. In addition, the DFEH discovered evidence of sexual harassment.

Why Has Riot Games Been Accused of Delaying the Investigation?

Riot Games is now in hot water because they failed to comply with one of the requests made by the DFEH. The department filed a petition that would allow Riot to inform its employees of their rights to speak with investigators working for the DFEH. However, the game developer never issued any widespread notice to its employees that informed them of this right.

Not only is Riot Games reportedly failing to let its employees know that they can speak with the DFEH, but they are also failing to hand over information on past sexual harassment claims against the company. In 2019, the company announced that it had settled with as many as 100 women. These women waived their claims but were never informed of the DFEH’s investigation. Now, the agency is trying to obtain the details of these agreements, which are considered top-secret by Riot Games.

Riot Games Cannot Prevent Employees From Speaking Out

The implication here is that the secret details of these agreements may have included conditions that prevented employees from informing government authorities of the sexual harassment they have endured. Riot Games has denied all of this, and they claim that they would never retaliate against anyone who chooses to speak out.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the California area for a qualified, experienced attorney, there are plenty of options available. These legal professionals are committed to helping victims of sexual harassment, and they can make sure your lawsuit goes as smoothly as possible. While companies like Riot Games may attempt to use a number of tactics to stall proceedings, they are only delaying the inevitable. Sexual harassment victims are fully entitled to sue, and they can receive considerable settlements for the damages they have endured. Book your consultation today.

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