With regards to a pending sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a female State Police Officer, the residents of Salt Lake City are demanding to know how much their mayor knew about the case and what did he do about it? Did he do anything at all about it?

As per Desert News, three years ago, a female cop of Salt Lake City had approached the police department’s chief and had complained to him about how she and two other women in the city’s police department were being sexually harassed and discriminated against. The chief followed protocol and ordered a probe into the matter which revealed that the allegations were in fact true and that the women had been subjected to sexual harassment at least to a certain extent.

Not even a demotion?!

However, the department concluded the investigation by citing that the harassment was not severe enough to fire the perpetrators. This type of reasoning is what makes the fantastic sexual harassment attorneys that can be found on the site USAttorneys.com scratch their heads.

Until now, Mayor Ralph Becker has failed to break his silence about the case, but finally spoke up about the allegations and the case itself in a press conference held only last week. In his speech, Mayor Becker addressed the issue of the pending litigation by saying that he personally took complaints of sexual harassment and/or discrimination rather seriously. The mayor further stated that his investigative team is still working closely with the police and other authorities to comprehend what exactly transpired.

The mayor went on to establish that he thought sexual harassment to any degree was completely unacceptable and that he was going to work hard to prevent such occurring’s going forward.

Harassment expert: Moneypenny needs to be disciplined for his behavior

Deborah Knapp is a professor at Kent State University who also happens to be an expert on the issue of workplace harassment and her research is mainly dedicated towards sexual harassment cases. According to Knapp and as reported by Ohio.com, some sort of punishment or disciplinary action must be imposed on Akron Mayor Garry Moneypenny for sexually harassing a female employee of the city that worked under him.

Moneypenny himself confessed on Friday last week that he was guilty of inappropriate conduct.

According to the expert, if the mayor is not penalized for his actions, it will send across as incorrect message to the rest of the city that the authorities do not take sexual harassment complaints seriously and that it’s ok to behave in such lewd ways.

Protestor’s line up and demand Isiah Thomas take responsibility for harassment allegations

Protestors lined up donning t-shirts that read “I am Anucha Browne” in support of the sexual harassment victim. Their message was simple and straightforward. They expressed that they knew the truth and they wanted Isiah Thomas, the alleged perpetrator, to confess to his crime and take responsibility for his actions, as reported by NY Daily News.

The allegations first surfaced when Browne’s sexual harassment attorney filed a civil suit against the then knicks president for harassment back in 2007. Since then, Thomas has gone on to become the President of the WNBA’s Liberty and basketball analyst for the NBA.