Dr. Vincent Martin, a professor of Spanish at San Diego State University, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, as reported by 10news.com. Martin was even named as the principal defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by two of his female Spanish class students.

The sexual harassment attorney representing the two women said in an interview that both girls were subjected to unwanted sexual advances, sexual comments towards and about them, uninvited physical touching and inappropriate sexually provocative jokes.

SDSU students held protests and put up anti-harassment posters on Spanish professors office door

The fact that the professor was allowed to continue taking classes and teaching Spanish even after the two women reported about his behavior to authorities at the university did not sit well with hundreds of San Diego State University students. They took to vocal protests, held up banners against sexual harassment and gender inequality and some of them even put up placards and banners on his office door. Some of them were in Spanish and said things like “sexual assault is illegal” etc.

A liberal university – San Diego State University – very slow to react

In fact, Professor Martin continued to teach at the university even after an investigation discovered that he had indeed violated some of the University’s sexual harassment policies.


The school newspaper, The Daily Aztec, previously released a news article titled “Professor Martin finally breaks his silence” and quoted him in an interview where essentially he denied the allegations of sexual harassment against him.

However, Martin has now counter-filed to disprove the allegations against him and this required the two women he allegedly harassed to come face to face with him behind closed doors. Understandably, their sexual harassment attorney expressed on their behalf that it was a very nerve racking experience to look at the man that harassed them in the eye once again. But all accused have the right to face their accuser.

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San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department under the scanner for perpetuating and condoning sexual harassment

A publicly filed sexual harassment lawsuit has revealed disturbing details of sexual harassment within the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department, according to Fox40.com. The plaintiff in the case is a female employee of the department, Janna Huber. The defendants listed in the lawsuit are Captain John Williams, the County of San Joaquin, and the County’s Sheriff’s Department.

The allegations are specifically against Captain John Williams. However, it also blames the sheriff’s department and the county itself for not taking complaints of sexual harassment seriously enough and thereby condoning Williams’ behavior.

Jana Huber’s sexual harassment attorney who could have been plucked off the very virtually ripe domain of USAttorneys.com said in an interview with a news channel that the harassment included both verbal remarks and uninvited physical touching. The lawsuit further claims that Williams made life even more difficult for Huber after he discovered that she formally complained against him. He retaliated by cutting her extra hours and putting her in constantly changing shift timings etc.

The sheriff’s department was reached out to for comment but they replied with the customary “we cannot comment on pending litigation”. It is known that Captain Williams is still very much employed at the sheriff’s department.