According to a Penn Record report, the School District of Philadelphia faces a lawsuit filed by a parent Luana Lewis, on behalf of her son, J.L. in the US District Court. According to Philadelphia PA sexual harassment attorneys, the plaintiff claims her son was sexually harassed and bullied by older boys in the school bathroom.

It is not the school’s fault; sue those parents!

Three older students coerced the boy into showing them his private parts and bowel movements, which as allegedly filmed on a cellphone camera. Incidentally, cellphones are not permitted on the premises. The plaintiff seeks an undisclosed amount in compensatory damages and other costs.

Landmen group lobbyist files sexual harassment lawsuit against senior executive

A female employee who works as a Governmental Affairs Liaison for the American Association of Landmen group has recently filed a legal sexual harassment complaint against one of the top executives at the firm.

According to a report in the Star Telegram, the lawsuit claims that Executive Vice President Marty Schardt is guilty of sexual harassment and has been named as the sole defendant in the case. The plaintiff and the alleged victim, Holly Carless has accused Schardt of inappropriately touching her on more than one occasion. Carless claims the harassment lasted for almost a whole year. Her sexual harassment attorney has confirmed that she has even filed a formal complaint against Schardt with the Texas Workforce Commision.

Carless supposedly worked under Schardt, she monitored legislative and regulatory issues that affected landmen. The lawsuit seeks damages of at least $1 million. Schardt has refused to comment on the lawsuit.


$1 million for touching? That is illogical. Schardt should be fired though and Carless should receive some compensation though if this actually occurred.

Accusations against Executive Vice President of landmen group

The lawsuit describes two occasions on which Schardt behaved completely inappropriately. In the first instance, the lawsuit claims that Schardt had grabbed the victim’s leg above the knee and started to caress it while they were together discussing her salary. Apparently, he had told her that she would receive a bonus if she went with him to a hotel room.

Secondly, Schardt has also been accused of approaching Carless from the back and putting his arms around her while she was stood at a photocopy machine. Once again, he had urged her to go with him to a hotel room and told her that she looked hot.

The lawsuit also states that Carless and other employees of Landmen had discovered that Schardt was watching pornography on a company computer. This says plenty about his character and lack of self-control in the workplace.

According to her sexual harassment attorney, Carless was hesitant to file the lawsuit as she did not want to taint the image and reputation of the company. According to the lawsuit, she filed a complaint with the company first and requested for an internal investigation which yielded no findings. It was only after this that Carless unwillingly lodged the sexual harassment lawsuit.

Individual report points finger at CBC for allowing their star host to harass women

Jian Ghomeshi worked for years at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio station as the anchor of their most popular and flagship radio program called Q. In October of 2014, Ghomeshi’s employment with CBC was terminated. Several allegations of sexual violence and sexual harassment against Ghomeshi were followed by his consequential dismissal, as per a report in

Despite having fired him for his behavior, CBC radio station has been accused of condoning Ghomeshi’s actions. According to a private investigation and individual report that was compiled by Janice Rubin (a workplace harassment investigator), the management at CBC were aware of Ghomeshi’s actions but decided to turn a blind eye towards the matter.

The report also states that CBC failed to provide their employees with a safe and friendly work environment. Currently, Ghomeshi is in the middle on-going sexual harassment litigation. He faces seven counts of sexual assault and one count of choking. If you have been a victim of any of this, you may want to check out because this site has sterling local sexual harassment attorneys like Stuart M. Address, P.A. who know how to win cases.