A school based in Tavares, Florida is now contemplating paying nearly $60,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit that has been filed against it by a male teacher who was employed by the school, as reported by Orlando Sentinel.

According to the allegations, the male teacher has been accused of repeatedly sexually harassing female staff members. The accused has been identified as John Anselmo. Anselmo and his sexual harassment attorney have now filed a lawsuit against his employers alleging that they terminated him unlawfully and are seeking compensation for financial damages.

Initially, a sexual harassment lawsuit was filed naming Anselmo as the defendant. The court which rules on the case declared verdict and issued Anselmo with a written warning which essentially said that he would be subjected to further penalties if he violated any of the terms mentioned. The conditions were essentially drafted to prevent Anselmo from engaging in such behavior in the future and prohibiting him from entering or being in the close proximity of the school campus for a certain period of time. Furthermore, the terms also prohibited him from approaching any other colleagues to discuss anything regarding the litigation itself.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for the loss of pay, loss of future earnings, and so on.

If the school agrees to the settlement deal, in exchange, Anselmo will respectfully bow out of his teaching career by willfully retiring. In addition, the settlement will not be perceived by him or anyone else as an admission of guilt on the part of the school.

Allegations against Anselmo

As per the initial filing, there were several instances detailing harassment by Anselmo. In one of the mentioned incidents, it was alleged that Anselmo walked by a female colleague while outside the workplace and exclaimed “fakey, fakey, fakey” while ogling at her breasts. The sexual harassment attorneys on the site USAttorneys.com would not stand for this type of childish and pitiful behavior.

The same female staff member also accused Anselmo of threatening to beat up her husband. She claimed that he even drove to the husbands’ place of business only to be informed that he was not there on that particular day.

US army traitorous sergeant cleared of sexual harassment by charges by the US army

Infamous and traitorous American Army Sergeant Bowe Berghdal has recently been acquitted of claims of sexual harassment against him. Berghdal walked away from his unit because he had sympathy for the murderous and subjugating group known as the Taliban.

He managed to survive by helping them kill Americans who were trying to rescue him. He was released in 2014 when President Obama, much to the chagrin of any American who ever served in the military or any other American who understands what honor and integrity is, traded 5 hard core terrorists for him.

These terrorists were being held at Guantanamo Bay and many people believe they should have already been executed for their murderous behavior.

A traitor and a sexual harasser all rolled up into one

The allegations were made by a sexual harassment attorney that legally represented a female soldier of the US army, as reported by IB Times. According to the lady soldier, Berghdal would leave Japanese paper art models outside her door and had even entered her dormitory room wearing a gorilla costume. Furthermore, she said that she strongly suspected that Berghdal was stalking her every move and would watch her from a distance.

The army, after listening to the allegations and after a rather long period of deliberation ruled that the whole thing was a big misunderstanding and that Berghdal had not intended to cause the female solider discomfort in anyway. But the army really cannot be trusted too much at this point because they have been covering up for this dishonorable soldier’s behavior for years now.

Where is this coming from? Everyone who knew anything knew Berghdal was controversial at best and now he is engaging in this type of stuff?