Tanisha Tyson is furious that her fifth-grader son has been punished unjustly for alleged sexual harassment. The boy’s mother, with assistance from a sexual harassment attorney, has filed a lawsuit against Grand Rapids Public Schools.

The District has been accused of improper handling of the claim and failing to give a chance to her son to prove his innocence in the matter. Moreover, the school has been accused of labeling the middle school boy a “sexual harasser”, without any proper investigation, thereby harming his reputation and standing in society.

The so-called victim’s word is automatically branded as the truth

The boy, identified in court documents as John Doe, was first accused of making sexual comments and gestures towards a classmate in 2013. These allegations surfaced when the victim’s father reported the incident to Campus Elementary Principal Bernard Colton over the telephone. The principal, on the grounds of this new information, proceeded to suspend the boy for 10 days and arbitrarily classified the boy’s behavior as sexual harassment without investigating if the actions took place, claims the lawsuit.

Tanisha Tyson, through her sexual harassment attorney, claims the incident was never reported to the district’s title IX officer as mandated by law. The lawsuit further alleges that the district deliberately disregarded their obligation to inform the family of the procedure by which they could challenge the suspension and the characterization of the alleged behavior as sexual harassment.

Fifth-grader accused of sexual harassment for the second time

According to the lawsuit filed against the school, there was a second complaint against the boy alleging that he had touched a girl on her buttocks. The school had handled this complaint similar to the first allegation and had moved to expel the boy from school without investigating the incident at all. The suit claims this was in retaliation for challenging the school’s initial decision to suspend the boy for 10 days.

The lawsuit has named Neal, Johnson, Colton, and Rick Noel (executive director of elementary schools and early childhood education) and the district itself, as defendants. They are being sued for punitive damages, emotional and psychological distress, damage to reputation and damages to the family for unreimbursed out of pocket expenses incurred in response to the circumstances.

Well, does John Doe have a touching problem?

Regional Center for Border Health Accused of Unfair Dismissal of Employee

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission-EEOC has filed a lawsuit against Regional Center for Border Health-RCBH alleging that the health care center unjustly fired an employee in retaliation for making a sexual harassment complaint against a supervisor. The EEOC has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mayra Casillas, claiming that Sara Lydick had slapped her on the buttocks on two occasions in June of 2011.

The lawsuit claims that Casillas had reported inappropriate touching by Lydick to RCBH’s human resources department and the company had called for a meeting to resolve the issue. Lydick had apologized for the incident saying that it was an act of endearment.

According to the lawsuit, when Casillas made a formal written complaint expressing her discomfort to the authorities at RCBH they fired her on the same day. The lawsuit seeks to compensate Casillas for lost wages and other losses. If you want a sexual harassment attorney to take your case all the way you should check out USAttorneys.com – your legal answers will be found here!