An article first published by BuzzFeed last year has brought attention to a school teacher accused of sexual misconduct. The accused Joseph Koetters is a 47-year old former teacher that used to teach at the prestigious all-girl Marlborough School. Prior to his tenure at Marlborough, Koetters taught at two other Los Angeles private all-girls schools.

An unidentified 30 year old woman has reportedly filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court against Marlborough school through her sexual harassment attorney. The complaint seeks a jury based trial and compensation for personal injury and damages. Koetters has been arrested and charged with four felonies since the lawsuit was filed. Currently, he is free on a $140,000 bail.

The plaintiff’sexual harassment attorney has said that Koetters, who has not been named as a defendant in the complaint, will be officially named as a defendant in an amendment that is yet to be filed.

Allegations against Marlborough School

The lawsuit filed against Marlborough School alleges that the school failed to protect the sexual integrity of its students by allowing a perverted teacher to prey on them. The lawsuit further claims that despite being aware of the teachers past, given his history with harassing girls, the school proceeded to hire him.

The complaint continues to accuse Marlborough school saying that instead of investigating complaints made by students about sexual harassment the school had protected its ‘star teacher’ and retaliated against the students that had complained by belittling them in every and any way possible. How did Koetters become a star teacher despite bothering so many students? How can a school not conduct a basic background check on someone who is going to be around children?

Allegedly, Koetters had worked at two other high profile Los Angeles all-girls schools before he joined Marlborough, namely Polytechnic School and Viewpoint School. According to the legal complaint, Koetters had been forced to resign from both these schools because of repeated complaints of sexual abuse against him, while the lawsuit is not actually suing these schools, it maintains that the accused teacher should have been fired and alarm bells should have been sounded. Instead, he resigned and found his way right back into the education system.

The incidents elaborated in the suit began in 2000 and lasted through to 2002. The lawsuit has been filed almost 13 years later defends itself against this fact by claiming that the plaintiff has only now realized the full extent of her abuse, especially because she has recently learned from the media that her abuser was involved in other similar cases.

Allegations against the teacher

Joseph Koetters has not officially been named in the sexual harassment suit as a defendant because of a legal technicality but the sexual harassment attorney that filed the suit has confirmed that Koetters will be named in an amendment that is set to follow.

Waiting is very rarely good when it comes to reporting a crime. Koetters should be punished though if he did something wrong and it looks like he did.

A former student of the school, now a 30-year old woman, has accused Koetters of manipulating her into engaging in unlawful sexual acts which eventually led to pregnancy and a miscarriage. The woman was 16 years old at the time. suggests enlisting services of an experienced attorney to fight sexual harassment cases.

Waiting to report a crime is rarely the right decision to make. There are many unanswered questions in this case.