The University of Minnesota (UM) athletics administration seems to have their hands full as another of its directors faces allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination.

UM’s sexual harassment infamy continues

According to, Minnesota’s Senior Associate Athletic Director Mike Ellis is reported to be voluntarily on paid leave after the administration received five complaints just less than a month after its former athletic director, Norwood Teague, was forced to quit following complaints of sexual harassment. Initially, two female university officials alleged they were sexually harassed by Teague and many more came forward since the first complaint was filed. Sexual harassment lawyers are busy on this campus.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has elaborated on the case and reported that investigations into the five anonymous complaints of sexual harassment and discrimination are ongoing. Ellis is said to be on leave since August 21st and is cooperating with the investigation. Incidentally, Ellis was hired by Teague when the latter became the university’s athletic director in 2012.


According to a university spokesman, they received a complaint against Ellis back in January 2013 but the case was closed by the human resources department after due investigations. However, the spokesman said that the release of information on closed and pending complaints was restricted according to state law.

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Culture of sexism at UM?

The Star Tribune is said to be in possession of an anonymous complaint against Ellis and Teague that was sent to the university’s president Eric Kaler. The complaint is alleged to have come from senior athletic staff of the university who claims that Ellis shared pornographic images of college-aged women with Teague on his cell phone during the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Houston, Texas in December 2012.

However, Evan Lapiska, a spokesman for the university claims that the complaint contains the same information as in the January 2013 complaint.

The latest August complaint states that Teague and Ellis along with other new senior administrators shunned a senior member (not named) of the athletic department when the individual expressed that he or she had been offended by the graphic images. The senior member was unceremoniously removed following the complaint, which was a major cause for concern for the other athletic staff.

Supposedly, the senior member could be Chris Bahl, associate athletic director for external relations, whose contract ended Jan. 10th, 2013 and was notified that the contract would not be renewed.

Former Milwaukee County Mental Health administrator sued by employee for sexual harassment

According to a report, a former senior official at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex has been sued for sexual harassment by an employee. Incidentally, the defendant in the case filed by sexual harassment lawyers on behalf of the plaintiff, Jennifer Lang, used to be responsible for enforcing the department’s sexual harassment policy. The defendant in the lawsuit is Rodney Maybin, the former Nursing Home Administrator, who has been accused of sexually harassing Lang for four years.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that the defendant commented on her physical appearance on several occasions and even asked for a pair of her underwear. Lang alleges that Maybin also threatened to sack her if she did not agree to his request to perform oral sex on him. She also claims that despite lodging several complaints and providing recorded conversations her supervisors failed to take any action.

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