New York, NY- Servers for an infamous New York eatery Café Lalo, featured 1998 romantic “You’ve Got Mail” allege one of their managers made sexual advances towards them and subjected them to retaliation when his advances were rejected.

The New York Post reported that 13 servers at the desert café filed their lawsuit last Friday in Manhattan federal court seeking $26 million in damages.

In the suit, the women allege manager Daniel Reyes repeatedly came on to them, treating the café as a “dating service,” and when his advances were rejected he lashed out at the women by verbally berating them in front of customers, the Post reported. Reyes also allegedly pulled a knife on one of the women after he was rebuffed.

The lawsuit also alleges Reyes showed up to work drunk and frequently made lewd gestures,

The lawsuit also alleges the store’s owner didn’t pay the women fair wages.

An attorney representing the café told the Post the lawsuit had “no merit.”

The women in this case are each seeking $2 million in punitive damages.

Sexual harassment can happen in any workplace, but a large number of cases arise out of the restaurant industry. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission estimate that 37 percent of complaints they receive come from restaurant workers.

A 2013 survey or 4,300 restaurant workers conducted by the Restaurant Opportunity Centers United found that many restaurant workers thought or sexual harassment as part of the “norm” and an “inevitable” aspect of their job.

Most of those complaints were levied against well-known fast food chains such as KFC and McDonalds, but servers for national chains like IHOP and Cracker Barrel were also subjected to sexual harassment. Restaurant workers can rely on a sexual harassment attorney give them the advice and support they need to hold their harasser and employer accountable when they failed to protect them from inappropriate and abusive behavior.

With sexual harassment, the victims are affected in different ways. Workers subjected to this misconduct suffer embarrassment, humiliation and anxiety. Over time the emotional distress caused by sexual harassment can lead to health problems such as insomnia and high blood pressure. Victims often endure harassment for months and years because they fear they will be punished for reporting and they are often right.

Victims of sexual harassment suffer financially. Many victims are denied pay raises, promotions and other benefits for speaking out. Some are fired and for others, the harassment continues and workers are forced to quit. For some this means starting over and re-building their career from scratch.

Because the law recognize the many effects sexual harassment can have, the victims are entitled to seek compensation. The primary types of compensation a victim sexual harassment is allowed to pursue include: compensatory damage, emotional damages and punitive damages. The type and amount of damages varies according to the circumstances of each case. A sexual harassment attorney will build pursue the maximum amount of compensation their client deserves so they can get a sense of justice.