A woman police officer, Lena Angelella, has accused some of her fellow colleagues and seniors of unfair and intentional sexual discrimination against her. Her sexual harassment attorney has filed a federal lawsuit against the accused claiming that they discriminated against Angelella with a motive of forcing her to give up on her career as a police officer.

Denied rights under Fourteenth Amendment

The lawsuit claims that the persons accused unfairly denied her Fourteenth Amendment right to equal protection under the law based on her sex.

The lawsuit has been specifically filed against Joseph Adams and Steven Rinaldi (township supervisors), John Bonita (Administrator) and Robert Avvisato (former Police Chief and extremely unfair and biased police officer, hypocrite as well). Some people believe Avvisato is a hypocrite because he treated Angelella exactly how he would not want to be treated as a minority.

Angelella, a veteran of 18 years in the police force, had earned a well-deserved promotion to Sergeant in the year 2012; however, soon after the appointment of Avvisato as Chief of Police, things took a turn for the worse. Supposedly, the former Chief accused Angelella of not deserving to be a Sergeant because she was not capable of coping with the pressure that came with the title as she was a woman.

In 2013, allegedly, Avvisato, not being content with the discomfort he had caused Angelella went on to give her her first disciplinary write up in her 18 year career and also demoted her from the rank of sergeant.

Avvisato also enforced new uniforms which would strip Angelella and other officers of any gold insignia on their uniforms. Angelella claims that while everyone had a time period of 30 days to comply with this newly enforced uniform rule she was only given a mere 15 days to abide by it.

The lawsuit also outlines several other instances of unfair discrimination against Angelella, things such as not processing her heart and lung benefit claim and cutting off her pay for 11 months.

Apparently, one male police officer even told Angelella herself in person that he had been hired to harass her until she either quit her job or retaliate in an extreme manner that would result in her to be fired. Can he sign off on that?

Former vineyard employee awarded $150,000 in lawsuit against her employers

Monika Bonilla was one among four former female employees that had filed a joined lawsuit against Dino Mencarini, co-owner of abundance vineyards for sexual harassment, discrimination, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The original lawsuit was filed claiming compensation worth $45 million in damages. Now that is ridiculous!

Bonilla was the only person among the 4 women that received any compensation at all, initially seeking $1.2 million. She was awarded a sum of $150,000 after a trial that went on for almost 60 days.

The former employees asked for too much

Sexual harassment attorney, Mark E. Ellis who defended Abundance Vineyards, said that it was obvious that the jury trusted the vineyards version of events that unfolded and that it was almost a complete vindication. He also remarked that $45 million was an outrageous amount and would have put the winery out of business and so he was satisfied with the outcome of the trial. Ellis, this employer was in the wrong, don’t you get it!? $250,000 would have been more suitable.

The joint complaint claimed that Dino Mencarini often made inappropriate and lewd advances towards each of the four women and that they were fired when they rejected his disrespectful proposals.