Sexual Harassment Allegations Continue to Overshadow Judiciary in Colorado

Sexual harassment in the workplace is always a bad thing, but it becomes even more serious when it occurs within the very institutions that are supposed to be upholding Colorado’s legal system. If we can’t trust the judiciary system to follow long-established laws that protect people from being harassed, then who can we trust? This is a clear example of corruption and misconduct at the highest levels of government, and it is still being investigated and dealt with.

If you have experienced sexual harassment at a Denver workplace, you can still depend on the legal system to hold guilty parties accountable. The key thing is to get in touch with a qualified, experienced lawyer who specializes in these matters. These legal professionals can make sure that whoever harassed you sees consequences. You may also be entitled to a financial settlement that compensates you for your damages.

The Controversy Explained

The controversy that now surrounds the state judiciary revolves around a memo written by a former HR director. In the memo, the HR director stated that a former female employee was prepared to go public with various allegations.

The entire situation has become quite complex. Allegedly, this former employee was offered a five-year, $2.5-million contract in exchange for keeping silent, although the deal was later canceled after the media reported on it. The Colorado Supreme Court itself circulated an email underlying a policy not to use taxpayer funds to “silence a blackmailer.”

The former employee was also told to destroy letters detailing instances of sexual harassment against a supreme court chief justice. Further allegations included inappropriate behavior by judges, sexual relations between staff members, judges sending pornographic videos to staff members, and other worrying claims.

The Investigation Suffers From a Lack of Transparency

Although the Colorado Supreme Court promised to investigate these issues fully, critics have pointed out that there is a serious lack of transparency. Investigative meetings have been conducted behind closed doors, and various panel members have refused to share any information about the investigation.

What makes this even more worrying is the fact that new allegations have continued to surface while the investigation proceeds. At least seven more women have come forward with allegations of sexism and harassment, and these apparently go “far beyond” the initial memo. Employees have apparently faced retaliation for speaking out, and many are saying that what we’ve heard so far is only “the tip of the iceberg.” Because of these factors, transparency is more important than ever.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

While the controversy surrounding the Colorado Judiciary is certainly worrying, it should discourage you from filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. Reach out to a qualified, experienced attorney in Colorado who specializes in sexual harassment, and you can approach this situation in a confident, effective manner. Laws exist that protect you against this kind of behavior, but it often takes a skilled attorney to make sure guilty parties experience real consequences. Book your consultation today.

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