Sexual harassment is an ever growing problem in America (and the rest of the world) and it just does not seem to subside despite there being stringent laws against it. The only way the problem can really be addressed immediately is by empowering female (sometimes even male) employees with knowledge on how to tackle such issues.

With some Democratic politicians in New York making a fool out of themselves and treating woman terribly (Weiner, Spitzer, and a few others) New York sexual harassment lawyers have seen just about everything. On a geopolitical front, America is allowing woman to be kidnapped in North Africa by a warlord and woman are being sexually assaulted by ISIS in the Middle East while our nation’s leader plays golf. Does America care about woman?

That is the million dollar question. But sexual harassment lawyers cannot control geopolitics, they have a say in what goes on in the work place in New York and they have the ability to take the fight to the aggressor. Press right here for more information.

Accepting the status quo

Often women who experience such harassment are not sure about what course of action to take and they end up becoming victims that are abused over and over again. Victims are scared to report the harassment and sometimes they even face threats by their abuser, where they are told that they will be fired if they try to escalate the issue. In this dilemma, they often become introverted and accept the abuse as fate. Stockholm syndrome comes to mind.

However, just a quick and friendly consultation with an experienced New York sexual harassment attorney will surely alleviate your problems in no time. Sexual harassment is punishable by law and victims may file civil lawsuits against their alleged abusers and even be awarded damages sometimes reaching millions of dollars for the mental torment that they have gone through. Though this amount is rare in cases.

Knowledge is power

It was mentioned earlier that the problem can only be addressed by empowering employees with knowledge; but of course, we concede that the actual problem lies in the fact that there are sexual predators out there that know no better than to disrespect and take advantage of women.

These are low life individuals with no morals or ethics that should have been raised better, but the fact is that they are out there and there are a lot of them. It is not pragmatic to expect them to just go away. It is naïve to think that their will soon be a day when there are no sexual predators in the work place. This is why we urge anyone that is experiencing such harassment or discrimination to get in touch with a sexual harassment attorney who will work hard to manage this situation and help you out cope with this distressing issue.


What qualifies as sexual harassment?

Due to the subjective nature of the problem, this is a little gray area. The laws try to define as well as they can as to what constitutes sexual harassment and what does not, but those words are always open to interpretation.

If you are not sure as to whether you have a case or not, it is best to get the opinion of a professional. A free preliminary consultation with a New York sexual harassment lawyer will throw some light on your case and will give you a solid idea of how to move forward.

Generally, harassment can include instances of offensive remarks against a person’s sex, unwanted sexual harassment, requests for sexual favors, usage of vulgar provocative language, and of course forceful physical and sexual harassment. At this point, even once, you need to jump on this site and call up a NY sexual harassment lawyer since you have case redhanded.

Things that may not qualify as sexual harassment are simple teasing, isolated incidents (not of a serious nature), and offhand verbal comments.

But if these “simple” and “not of serious nature” incidents get more frequent, you sure have a case.