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Today marked an important day for many women as it is International Women’s Day. This day was established to “celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women” according to internationalwomensday.com. Aside from the proud women voicing their concerns and showing their confidence in the progress that has been made, labor groups took this day as an opportunity to voice their concerns regarding sexual harassment that still occurs in the workplace.

While there are various fields in the employment industry and all vary, each career field seems to experience some sort of sexual exploitation that occurs within the jobs individuals hold. The Chicagoist released an article highlighting one group of individuals who displayed their signs across Chicago for the sexual misconduct that women in the fast food industry have had to endure and continue to be subjected to.

What is the Fight for 15 Movement? 

Because of the rising issue of sexual harassment occurring in the workplace, the Flight for 15 was founded in November 2012 and is a “union of fast food workers organizing for better conditions in the fast food industry.” The campaign seeks $15 an hour living wage and union rights along with racial and economic justice.

Some of the workers who are a part of the campaign held a demonstration and press conference outside of a Burger King in the Loop that “highlighted disturbing charges of sexual harassment by employees at several of the fast food giant’s locations in Chicago,” according to the Chicagoist. Aiesha Meadows McLaurin, who is also representing the Fight for 15 campaign was out in Chicago acknowledging that fast food workers experience physical and verbal abuse from their managers along with being intimidated by them on a daily basis.

McLaurin was one of six fast food workers who filed a complaint through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against two Burger King locations and one McDonalds’s location in Chicago. Some of the complaints that were filed along with McLaurin’s highlighted several accounts where supervisors allegedly made inappropriate sexual advances, comments about the worker’s bodies, suggested the employees leave their partners, and even touched them in at least one of the cases. Another worker was asked by their supervisor to perform a sex act.

This, of course, is illegal and this campaign along with many others are out to put an end to this issue. Sexual harassment attorneys in Chicago, Illinois are also working to help those who are victimized by another recognize them for their misconduct and obtain the justice that they are more than deserving of.

What Can You Do to Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment?

One of the most effective ways to get your issue acknowledged or at least obtain some sort of compensation for your suffering is to hire a Chicago sexual misconduct lawyer. You can find a professional today with the free service USAttorneys offers. Although a significant amount of progress has been made for women and their rights to obtain various types of employment positions, many are still being mistreated and violated in a sexual manner. If you are one of these victims, you are urged to come forward.

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